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Moving is a stressful time for many people. It can also be rather expensive. One way a lot of people have saved on costs in the short term is through moving their own furniture, however, this may lead to higher expenses in the long run, for a number of reasons. Many people across Sydney, whether it’s in Sydney’s Inner West, or finding removalists in Western Sydney,  Here are 8 reasons in favour of using a removalists service for your move. 

Risk of Damage

Removalists do this work day in, day out. They know how to handle your heavy or fragile items. And they know how to stack them/ strap them in the truck so they are less likely to get damaged on the way. They know how to prepare and pack your electronic devices when moving. If you attempt to move your own stuff, you might find yourself dropping or damaging things.

Risk of Injury

Let’s face it, most of us don’t know how to lift or carry heavy or bulky items well. Most of us end up putting our back out, or spraining our ankles whilst moving house if we’re not careful. This won’t happen if we let the professionals do the heavy lifting and carrying!

Time is Money

So you think that you want to save money on your move? Consider the cost of petrol and tolls if you use your own car, plus hiring a van costs if you do this. The cost of taking days off work, or the potential damage caused to your possessions and your body by doing it, and suddenly these costs fully skyrocket. Get a high quality, reasonably priced removalist and you will actually SAVE money long term. 

Those Pesky Stairs

The worst part is not getting your stuff out of your house or apartment. It’s not even getting it from your house to your new place. It’s when you have stairs or tight elevators to squeeze into. Get a removalist and you don’t have to be concerned with this!


Let’s be honest here. Sometimes things can get damaged or broken on the way. A removalist will have insurance to cover the costs of repairing or replacing if this does happen.

They Already Have All The Equipment

Wondering how to get your fridge safely up and down the stairs? Try the trolley that all removalists have with the tri-wheel structure making it a cinch. Not only this, but it means you can keep your fridge upright, and the fluids don’t mix up too much. 

Faster, and More Efficient

As mentioned before, professionals like your efficient removalists in North Sydney have done this day in, day out. They know how to play the giant game of tetris to fit your stuff perfectly, and safely, on the back of their truck. They know how to lift and how to be quick. They’ve got all the right tools. They know how to take it all back off again. 

It Removes All Of Your Stress

Moving is always a stressful time. If you have to organise your own hire truck, and move your own heavy items, you will find yourself becoming more and more stressful. You might miss things on your list of things to do for your move. However, if you can take this particular stress away, you can find yourself ticking through your to-do list with far less stress, and also taking less days off work, which, let’s face it, will reduce your stress levels when getting back to your email inbox at work!

We hope we’ve convinced you enough to allow yourself to hire a removalist, so that you can keep your move as stress free and smooth as possible!

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If you’re moving house soon, then you know the great Benjamin Franklin quote: “failing to plan means you should plan to fail”. Not only should you plan everything as best as possible, but to aid in the best possible move, you should hire a removal service. Whether you’re in the Eastern Suburbs and want the best removalists in Maroubra, or in the Northern Beaches and want the best removalists in Dee Why, find your trusted removalist like removalists in Western Sydney and then plan the rest. We’ve got a checklist that you might want to follow to help your planning process. 

Find a Good Removalist Service

This was mentioned in the above passage, but we want to reiterate this point. Your move will go smoothly if you have a great, professional, removal service. This can leave you to not have to worry about the heavy lifting yourself or all of the logistics, and you can focus on the rest of your move. 

Get Yourself Some Packing Boxes

There are plenty of shops that sell these, however, if you have chosen a great removalist company, they usually will provide these either as part of the service or for a small fee. 

Trim Down Your Unneeded/ Unwanted Possessions

You can either sell these, or you might want to donate unwanted items when moving. Moving is always a great excuse to do this, plus if you are downsizing this is a really easy way to ensure all your stuff will fit in your new place!

Consolidate Your Stuff and Pack

Once you have pruned your belongings and got your boxes, it’s time to pack them away ready to be moved. It’s vital to plan out where they need to go in the new place and to pack these boxes in sequence together, making the unpack stage much easier too.

Disconnect and Connect All Utilities

It is vital you do this ahead of time, as often the electricity or gas might be cut when moving into a new place, or worse still, the WiFi. Moreover, you don’t want to be paying for the new occupants of your old place’s usage either. 

Arrange Cleaning for Your Old Place

This is especially the case for when moving out of a rental property, as many agents will try to deduct from your bond an amount for cleaning. But even if you are moving out of a home that you’ve sold, or you own and you are renting out for the first time, it’s just good sense to make sure it’s clean and fresh for the new occupants.

Update Your Address Details

We know that snail mail is slowly becoming something from a bygone era, but it’s still useful to update all address details with institutions such as your bank, car insurance provider, local electorate etc. Also, there’s nothing more annoying than receiving the previous occupant’s mail months or even years into living in a new place, am I right?

Setup Insurance

Whether it’s building insurance, or home and contents insurance, or both, you need to do this sooner rather than later, so that you don’t forget. It’s massively important, one of those things that you hopefully never need, but you know that you’re glad to have it when you did need it. 

Remember, it is possible to reduce stress during a move, and it’s also possible to get it right the first time! Step 1 is to hire a removal service to allow you to be calm, and clear on the other steps. Happy moving!

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Have you just finished your move to your new home? Were you expecting the packing and the moving itself to be the worst part? Well, if you’re not careful, the unpacking in the new house might just be the most low key stressful part, as you find that boxes and suitcases may not get unpacked for weeks or even months and years! Chances are if you live in the Inner West, you probably made the first 2 parts as simple as possible by using the best Inner West removalists, now I suggest you follow these 10 tips for the final and most important part. 

Start By Having A System When You Pack From Your Old Place

Doing things like one box for one room, and clearly labelling the boxes. This will help you to work out what is set to go where. 

Get Your Essentials Unpacked First

Go with your kitchen, bathroom boxes and your clothes for the next day or so. Not only do you need these to live, but you also need to do this so that you can be calmer when unpacking the next boxes. 

Pro Tip: Kitchen Comes First

What do we definitely need more than anything else to survive in life? Nutrients. Get your kitchen up to speed first, and it will make every other room both seem like a doddle, and far more stomachable. Plus, this is a key way to avoid injury when moving, as if you haven’t eaten properly and feeling malnourished, you are far more likely to rush and cause harm to yourself. 

Bedrooms Next

Or at least, the beds. You will after all, need something to crash out on at the end of a long day! 

Then Come The Bathrooms

You can either just do the pure essentials (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, towels etc) or you can do it all. Either way, it’s great to feel clean too!

Living Room and Dining Room Next

These rooms are arguably the easiest part, but contain the biggest ticket items with exception of your appliances and beds. They take the least amount of time, and should be considered the lowest priority. 

Hanging Photos and Other Ornaments Last

These are the small, more particular jobs. You may also move these things around a lot too. But either way, you can live for a few days without your photos hanging on the wall, so no need to rush to do these whilst you still haven’t got your beds up!

If You Have Kids, Encourage them to Unpack Their Own Rooms

Of course, this depends on the age and capabilities of your kids, but it encourages their participation and also allows you some time to focus on everything else in the meantime. 

Declutter Your Things Again if You Find They Don’t Fit, or are Unwanted

Sometimes, we can overestimate how much we need to bring with us, especially if we typically hoarders. Moving house can be a great chance to spring clean our items out, both before packing, and during unpacking. Don’t be afraid to get brutal. 

Once You Have the Essentials Unpacked, Try Taking a Breather to Enjoy Your New Space

It is imperative that you don’t get lost in unpacking, and forget to enjoy your new home. There’s a reason why you moved, and there’s nothing wrong with setting up your TV on day one (if there’s time) and sticking on Netflix with dinner, or getting some takeaway food and enjoying your outdoor space if you have it. 
Remember, the best way to get your new house organised, is to start at your old house. Check out our other article, 3 Ways of Labelling Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro, from last year. We hope you have a great time in your new home and the move is as stress free as possible with your best removalists in Western suburbs when following our ultimate tips above.

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Are you downsizing and having trouble working out the best way to fit your large house into an apartment? Asides from using the best removalists in Sydney such as your skilled Bondi removalists here are some tips and ideas on how to move from your large house to an apartment efficiently. 

Start Decluttering Before Your Move

A lot of people in life tend to have a habit of collecting. This is a typical thing to do for humans, as it goes all the way back to our cave dwelling days. We needed to hold on to everything we could as we never knew when we would be snowed in! However, in this modern age, we should keep only the things we truly need / want, rather than things that we think we might need or want. 

Downsize Your Big Ticket Items First

If you’re moving from a 4 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment, you know that you don’t need 4 beds, 4 sets of bedside tables, dressers, chests of drawers etc. Select one of these sets, and move it on. If you’re going from a 200sqm house to a 100sqm apartment, on the other hand, you may have the same number of bedrooms, but just a smaller living space. In this case, it may be a need for replacing your living and dining room furniture, like your dining table or sofas. 

When It Comes to Clothes, This Rule Helps

The rule is, if you haven’t worn it in the past 2 years, get rid of it. If you want to be super strict, you can make that 1 year. If you haven’t worn something in that time period, there’s a really solid chance that you won’t wear it again, so when space is at a premium, just get rid of it. 

Go Through Every Box, and Really Consider What’s In There

If you’re like me, you might have some boxes in the house that you haven’t actually looked inside for years. Maybe it was full of keepsakes with some sentimental value that you just couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of. Or you might be going through a box and find a lot of old cables or floppy disks…last time I moved, I found an old SCART cable which was outdated once DVD players came along… anyway, the point is, go through these boxes and you might just find a lot of stuff that you don’t need anymore and that can free up lots of space!

If In Doubt of What to Chuck and What to Keep, Seek an Objective Opinion

Sometimes you need a little push to help you part with an item. Sometimes, you need to ask a person who doesn’t hold any sentiment for your things, and instead sees some of them for what they really are – useless or unnecessary. 

Decide Where Everything Needs to Go in Your New Home

If you decide ahead of time, this can help you declutter. You may need to look at the size of your moving boxes, which can help to not overfill certain areas. If you find you get to your apartment, and you couldn’t fit as much in this area as you thought, take it as an opportunity to chuck out more stuff that’s strictly not needed or wanted! 

If you can follow these steps, you will fit into your apartment very easily!

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Are you moving home soon? You might be looking for removalists on Sydney’s North Shore or Eastern Suburbs. Are you scratching your head over the safest way to pack your electronic devices and larger appliances? 

Tape the Plug and Cable to the side of the appliance

This is a massive life hack when moving. Many accidents come from loose cable. Get some of your packaging tape from your boxes and tape the cable to the side of your fridge or washing machine. This also goes for smaller electronic devices that have cables or headphones. Even if the cable is removable, wrap it around itself (not too tightly) and use some tape to keep it all together. 

Drain any water from your washing machine

You definitely don’t want any dirty or smelly water splashing out in the back of your car/ van or all over you while moving! It’s also a risk of festering bacteria that can be harmful. 

If Your Device has Disc Drive, Remove Any Discs

This goes for anything that can plug in too, such as USB external hard drives. These often get damaged during moves so make it easy and remove them from the start. 

If You Still Have the Original Box, Put Your Device or Appliance Back in There

These boxes had already been specially designed to fit the device in there snugly, and to prevent damage during transit (either to the store, or to your door), so it makes sense then that these boxes will help you to move them more safely between homes. 

If You Don’t Have the Box, Make Sure to Cushion the Sides of The Box You Will Use

If the box is long gone, however, the chances are that the one you will need to use has not been made to fit your device specifically. Make sure you have plenty of padding to absorb the shock of sudden stopping or a drop. I find bubble wrap to be a great cushion for this task. Think about space saving tips when moving, as there may be other things that can help to cushion your device. 

Make Sure All Devices and Appliances Have been Shut Down Fully and Unplugged in Advance

Especially for your white goods this is important, but also for your entertainment devices like televisions and games consoles. Anything that has a motherboard or a hard drive or both, this is also applicable for. You can run the risk of a corrupted hard drive if you don’t shut down your device properly. If you’re skeptical, here’s an interesting read: Shutting Your Computer Down Properly, all the points can also apply to games consoles, smart TVs and other devices with a hard drive. 

Take a Photo of Your Setup Before you Dismantle It

This is a must do step for a smooth re-setup in the new place. If you’re like me, with 2 games consoles, an apple TV, stereo speaker system, antenna and external hard drive setup to your smart TV, then there’s a complex arrangement of cables in a spaghetti formation. Get a photo and remember where to put everything back up again. 

Keep Your Accessories With Your Main Items

This will set you up for a smooth and quick unpack at the other end. I think you’ll thank me later! 

Careful following of these tips will help you move your electronic devices and big appliances with minimal to no damage and keep your move as stress free as possible with your cheap removalists in Sydney Inner West. Happy moving!

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Moving house always means sorting through all your belongings, deciding where it will fit in your new home, and indeed, IF it will fit in your new home. If you’re wondering what to do with some of your unwanted items, we say you should donate at least some of them to charity before your move. You might also be looking for cheap removals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, skilled removals in Inner West or wherever you’re reading this article too, and by donating these items BEFORE your move, you can help reduce your costs. 

It Will Go to a Worthy Cause

Some people choose to sell their unwanted items beforehand. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t do this by any means, however, if you knew that your sofa, or dining table, or bed sheets or whatever it may be, could make a real difference to a less fortunate family. 

It Will Save Items Going to Landfill

I’m hesitant to say something as bold as giving your unwanted items to charity will help save the environment. Buuuut… quite frankly it will help. We all know that most items that are thrown away end up in a landfill. If you can give some of your unwanted items to charity, then you might be able to alleviate this issue, even if it is just in your own small part. 

It Will Save You Having to Move It

One facet of moving house that comes up time and time again is people doing a spring clean before, during, and after their move. We always say that one of the best strategies when moving is to only need to do it before. This is because you then won’t need to move as much, take up valuable box or truck space, and then have to either find a home for it in the new place or watch it continue to collect dust there. 

It’s A Great Opportunity to Streamline Your Possessions

Something that is good to do every once in a while, is to whittle down your belongings. It’s always good to not own that much more than what you actually need. If you get in the mindset of giving your unwanted items to charity, then it can help you keep only the items you need and want. 

Don’t Be That Person Who Leaves Your Things Behind

There’s nothing worse than moving all your stuff into your new home, only to find that there are still someone else’s unwanted items littering the place. Sometimes this can even cause an issue for settlement – causing payments to be delayed or even a breach of contract. Naturally this is not something that you likely want to happen, so make sure not to leave anything behind. 

Here Are Some Charities You Can Donate To:

  • Australian Red Cross
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Anglicare
  • The Smith Family
  • Australia for UNHCR

If you want a more comprehensive list, check here

Remember, That The Charity Doesn’t HAVE To Accept, But Don’t Let That Put You Off

Just because you offer the item to a charity, does not mean that they have to say yes. Many charities won’t take a sofa for example if it is overly damaged or has mould. It’s ok, if the item isn’t damaged, then just try another charity. If it is, then take it to the tip. 

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Moving is a very involved process for most of us. We’re so busy and frenetic that sometimes we forget to take care of our bodies when moving. Depending on circumstances, you should try to leave the really heavy stuff to the professionals like Alexandria removalists, and let them take care of it. Whether you need a removalists in Sydney’s Inner West, or in the Upper North Shore, or wherever you are. With that being said, here is a comprehensive guide to looking after yourself when moving. 

Heavy Stuff Should Be Lifted in Teams of 2 Wherever Possible

There’s an old mantra that goes: “a problem shared is a problem halved” and it’s absolutely true with heavy lifting. It’s always better if you can have a buddy on the other end of your sofa. It can reduce the strain on your own muscles and joints. Not only that, but it can often be another set of eyes for potential trip hazards. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Aesop was right about a great many things. One of which is the adage of slow and steady winning the race, Keep heavy items close to your body, and take small steps, keeping your motion slow and smooth in order to minimise jerky or sudden movements which can often lead to mishaps. 

When Lifting, Bend at the Knees

This keeps the strain away from your lower back and your lumbar. We don’t want to see any hernias happening for anyone. The correct form of lifting is to stand close to the item, feet facing forward and shoulder width apart, keep the back fully upright and straight, and instead bend completely at the knee, and then straighten the legs as you pick it up. Any gym goers will know this as a deadlift. You can read an official medical guideline on lifting.

Don’t Rush

We often cause ourselves injuries because we feel time constrained and in a rush to do everything. Don’t succumb to this pressure. Create a moving checklist to help you feel organised. Stick to it. 

Drive Carefully

This should go without saying but whether you’re taking items in your car for the move or not, drive carefully. When I was young I once moved in a stressed environment and I accidently sped through a speed camera twice in the same day between addresses. Not only did this cost me financially, but it could have cost me more as by doing this I could have either lost control of the car or let an item in the stack of items fall off and hit me. Many people see orange lights and speed up to get through, You do NOT need to do this. Make sure you live to enjoy your new home. 

Wear Closed Toe Shoes

If you’re moving on a 40 degree hot Sydney summer’s day, it may be tempting to rock your thongs or sandals. However, if you do drop something, you might end up with a broken toe. Or worse, as you carry your boxes, your vision to the floor is reduced and you might trip over your thong and fall down, with heavy box in tow. 

Take Pit Stops if You Need To

Sometimes, you need to just have a break halfway through a move. It’s ok. Rest up, get some nutrition and recover some energy, and go again when you feel good again. 

I hope you find these tips to be helpful. If you take your time, stay calm, and keep your cool then you will be sure to come out unscathed, if a little exhausted. Remember, you are moving house for a better quality of life, not to spend 3 months in a leg cast or worse.

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Moving is never an easy or straightforward endeavour. There’s a lot of permutations, especially around space in the moving truck and what boxes to use for what items. Sometimes you might have the benefits of having skilled removalists in Mosman, or Eastern Suburbs or your area, or your efficient removalists Manly but other times, it may be you on your own. We’ve got some killer tips for you here to help you pick the right size!

Don’t Go Exclusively One Size, Mix Up Your Box Sizes

Truth is, your belongings come in all different shapes, sizes and weight categories. So it’s fair to say that there is no one size fits all when it comes to getting boxes.

Bigger Boxes Means More Items

If you’re trying to purchase as few boxes as possible, then naturally bigger is better for you. You don’t need a Nobel Prize in Physics to know that a box with more space will fit more (or bigger) items in it. Watch out for some items in big boxes though, as the more empty the box, the more room there is for things to move around in transit and potentially get damaged. 

However, They Usually Cost More

Bigger boxes do cost more per box than others. They might not be the way to go if you’re looking to both spread out your costs, but also be thrifty in your move. Of course, you can always offset this by finding cheap removals in Sydney.  

Plus, They Tend to Weigh More

More simple physics : the more things you put into a box, the heavier it becomes. If you’re looking for some boxes that are a bit easier on the knees, you should plump for some smaller boxes too. 

Try Some Office Boxes

These boxes are great. They fit things like books, glasses, cups and mugs and other smaller items. Plus, they have a great added benefit of usually coming with handles in the sides to make for easier, more convenient and safer lifting. 

Moving Boxes Come in Small, Medium and Large…

… and extra large. This means you can adjust what you pack into each box accordingly. 

Plan What You Will Pack in Advance

It’s always easier to plan things out. If you have a rough idea over what you want to pack with what, and your general plan of attack, it will be easier when choosing your boxes. 

Don’t Overpack

Generally we find that most injuries suffered during moving comes from lifting boxes that are just plain too heavy. Often it stems from not bending your knees, however, I think it’s much easier if you just don’t overload the box in the first place. 

If You’re Buying The Boxes, Think About What You Can Reuse them For

You will most likely want to get your money’s worth with these boxes, so consider what you can store in them in the attic or what else you can use them for in future. If you’re not going to use them, think about where you can store them for next time too. The bigger the box, the bigger the storage footprint. Alternatively, you can always recycle them.

 I hope you find good value in these tips. Choosing the right boxes for your needs is important to help in as smooth and stress free a move as possible.

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It’s a well known fact that moving is one of the most stressful activities that you can undertake in life. One of the many reasons for this is the cost. But to add to that cost, sometimes your personal items can get broken en route. Has this ever happened to you before? Are you anxious for your move, and in Sydney’s Upper North Shore? Learn how to protect your wealth and your assets during your move. 

Hire Yourself a Great Removalist

We cannot express this one enough. Anybody can call themselves a removalist. But not just anyone can be an expert removalists in Hornsby. We have experienced all kinds of removalists during our home moving in the past. From hired help on gumtree like 2 men with a van, all the way to pricey removalists we’ve used them all. The truth is that sometimes you get what you pay for with gumtree removalists. Cheap prices and cheap labour for them often means a rushed job, and with that, often comes damage to your expensive appliances, or your best china. 

Don’t Forget to Negotiate on Price, But Not Too Hard

This might seem like a bit of an oxymoron. But hear us out. Removalists prices don’t always have to be fixed. Sometimes, especially if you are moving long distance (over 10kms away or more), you might find that they have already done a job that morning and otherwise they will just be driving back empty handed after that. Be sure to ask these kinds of questions and you might find that high quality removalist like your friendly removalists Western Sydney but for a better rate. 

Use Minimalism To Minimalise Your Cost and Stress

We mentioned this in another article of ours on things to be familiar with when moving, and it is still relevant here. The simple answer to the above points is, well, own less things. The less you own the lower the risk of things breaking, AND the lower the cost in most cases of a move, depending on how the removalists charge. Add to that the fact that it will be much easier and quicker to unpack at the other end too, and well, you have a recipe for a great move that helps you keep the expenses down. 

If you have access to your own vehicle, consider moving some items yourself

Some of your smaller ticket items might hold a lot of value, sentimental or financial both. Maybe you picked an expert removalist, but still don’t fully trust them with everything. If this is the case for you, then I fully recommend that you use your car or van etc to move these personally. It might be your most expensive china, or your 65” plasma screen TV, or something that is not cheap to replace. Well, one thing that can be done is taking personal responsibilty, driving slowly, watch out for those speed bumps and potholes, and getting them to your new place scratch free.  

These tips may seem simple in hindsight, but sometimes the simplest answers are the hardest to find. Do you have any extra tips? Let us know. 

Moving is going to be stressful, time consuming, and expensive. Be prepared for that. But, by following the tips mentioned above, it may just be a little less stressful, less expensive and less time consuming.

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Are you moving out of a house in Western suburbs of Sydney? Be it a rental, a share house, or you sold are you wondering what rules surround moving out? Here’s a guide from a skilled removalists in Western Sydney and your trusted removalists Western suburbs that will give you some etiquettes, or unwritten rules that you should treat as a guide for your move out. 

DON’T Leave Rubbish or Unwanted Items Behind

We get it. Sometimes you’re moving so much stuff and in such a rush that you don’t bring everything with you. You might think: “well maybe the new people could use that”. Trust us, if you don’t think it’s worth bringing with you, they will not want it either. This leads us into our next point: 

DO Only Leave Behind Something Useful or Specific to the Property

You absolutely can leave some things behind. But they either need to be genuinely useful, or be specific to the maintenance or care of the property, such as a laminate floor polish or a tin of paint that matches the colour of the feature wall. 

DO Use a Checklist

And add this to the Moving Checklist : change addresses with everyone and anyone who could send you mail. We’ve all been there. Living somewhere for 6 months or more and STILL receiving mail for the previous occupant. This is manageable when it’s the odd letter, we know that slips through. But it’s awful when there’s a knock on the door from bailiffs. Change your address!

DON’T Move Out at Unsociable Hours

You might not have total control of this. But essentially you should try not to have a big removal truck before 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends, or much after 7pm on weekends and 9pm on weekdays if possible. Just a thought from us. 

DON’T Break Lease

Again, depending on situation, you might not have much control over this. But believe me, there is a knock on effect to this. You could be called to tribunal (small claims court) to cover this cost, or if not, it may affect your rating in the tenancy database, therefore impacting your chances of being accepted on future applications. 

DO Have Everything Out BEFORE Settlement Day

This is the day when the house no longer belongs to you. Moving into a new home on settlement day tends to be one of the most stressful days of our lives, and nothing makes it worse than to be delayed by the seller who hasn’t move their stuff out properly by the day. 

DO Organise a Thorough Clean and Fixing ALL Damages

This one is part of tenancy lease agreements anyway, and usually part of the contract of sale too. But we need to talk about it anyway. Always clean the property thoroughly when you move out, nobody wants to move into a filthy or messy place. If you have put a small cosmetic hole in the wall, get it fixed, or if a door handle is loose, just tighten the screws. If you are vacating a lease then chances are you will forfeit part or all of your bond, and if you are moving out following a sale, there’s a chance that settlement will be delayed or reneged on totally if you don’t. 

We hope these unwritten rules of etiquette help you in your move out process. Remember, these are mostly just unwritten rules – but the thing with unwritten rules is that sometimes they are more important than the written ones.

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