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When you move house, it really helps the whole process when you are moving to bigger, better and brighter things. And, well, there’s nothing bigger and brighter and better than the beach! I once moved from the Inner West to the Eastern suburbs using the best Inner West removalists, and I never looked back! Here are the top 5 pros, and the top 5 cons, of moving near the beach. 

Con: Your windows and sliding doors will need constant cleaning

Sea air is great for us – but terrible for many other things, like cars (rusting) aluminium door and window frames, and getting the outside of windows all dusty. 

Pro: The air is much healthier

You, your kids and your pets will love the breathable air! Sea air is fresh, cleaner, and better for our lungs. Healthy air is important for many reasons, not least your actual health. 

Con: The commute gets worse

Typically, public transport becomes more limited and different route options also more limited the closer to the beach you get. It’s not a big deal for some, but for others, it could be a deal breaker. 

Pro: Your happiness will go up

Quite simply, being able to walk barefoot on the beach at twilight after work is something that will do your mental health the world of good. 

Con: Parking on the weekends – forget about it

Space is generally a premium near the beach – and street parking is like goldust too. This is especially true on a weekend! 

Pro: You never have to drive to the beach again

Let’s be real – if you’re considering moving closer to the beach – it’s obviously because you like spending time at the beach. Well, one of the perks of being nearer to the beach is the fact that you no longer have to drive there!

Con: Your rent/ mortgage will likely be higher

Once you’ve moved to the beach with the help of Parramatta or Baulkham Hills removals, typically your rent or mortgage will go up. Maybe that’s why you’re moving, as you’ve just had a nice promotion and want to enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Pro: You will be the host of get togethers

People like being near beaches. If you find yourself living there, chances are you will be the host of family barbecues, or social get togethers more even if you don’t volunteer! Get ready for your social life to improve! 

Con: It can be very hard to ever move away again

Once you live near the beach, with the ocean just a short walk away, it’s really hard to ever walk away again – even when you have to. There are some questions before deciding to move that you should ask yourself first – and make sure you are sure first. 

Pro: You Will be Living Near the Beach!

Save the best and most obvious pro for last. The biggest pro of moving near the beach, simply put, is that you will live near the beach! That is the whole point after all! Living near the beach is one of those things – the benefits kinda don’t really need saying. It’s a great place to live, there’s a reason it’s so desirable! 

Good luck with your move to the beach, and here’s to your new, better, brighter and happier life!

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We are right in the middle of the crazy rush for moving season. Schools go back in 2 weeks, universities and tertiary education goes back in 4-5 weeks. There’s a lot of plates for you to keep spinning right about now – and even with the help of the best removalists Western Sydney or the Eastern Suburbs have to offer, here are 10 effective tips to keep in mind. 

1. Fail to plan, and plan to fail

I’ve said this a few times, but make sure to plan out everything you are going to do well in advance, otherwise you will feel like you’re chasing your tail for a while. 

2. Pack Boxes According to the rooms they will go in – not from

Trust me when I say this – not even in the best removalists Sydney can boast can read your mind. If you label a box “bedroom 2” but you want it to go to bedroom 3 in the new place because you’re up-sizing, don’t be surprised if they bring it to the wrong room!

3. Get packing materials ahead of time

It might seem like elongating a move, but the sooner you start packing, the more seamless moving day is likely to be. 

4. If moving with kids or pets, make sure someone can babysit

It’s always a good idea to keep your kids away from the action on moving day for a number of reasons – whether it’s ensuring that they are in school, or with a family member who can look after them for the day. But you might not know that one of the basic house moving principles is to also keep your pets away too. 

5. Have some of your items prepped and ready on moving day

You can help the efficiency of moving day by doing things like pre-switching off fridges, draining out washing machines, and taking the feet off sofas or deconstruction bed frames. This helps greatly in terms of fitting things properly on the truck, or even through the front door in the first place. 

6. Use spare time to tick other tasks off your list

If you have arrived at the new place ahead of time and find yourself waiting, why not use the time to get your address changed for bills, utilities and banks etc, or by cancelling direct debits or disconnecting your service from your last address. 

7. Don’t break traffic laws!

This may seem obvious to most, but there might be some who need reminding: it’s not worth speeding, or going through that red light, or recklessly speeding around that roundabout. I know it can feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time in the day, or by the time you’re done going back and forth for the 3rd time you get tired, but don’t! 

8. Remember to take the time to eat and rehydrate

It’s another one that you would think should go without saying, but seriously, I’ve seen this too many times. Make sure to refuel yourself. There’s a lot of stress, a lot of activity and movement and you need to make sure to drink plenty of water, and get your caloric intake. 

9. Make sure to keep talking to your movers about where things should go

As I mentioned earlier, most removalists aren’t psychic. It may seem obvious to you that your piano should go in the dining room, but they may not know this unless you tell them! 

10. Remind yourself on why you moved!

It can be very easy to get overwhelmed or succumb to stress on moving day. Use the quieter moments of the day (wherever you can get them) to remind yourself of the future and why you’re moving! 

With these in mind, enjoy your move this crazy season! 

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Moving is a costly affair, when it comes to both time, and money. That’s one of the reasons why it’s great to grab moving boxes when they are free! Great when friends, family members, or neighbours help out by gifting you their boxes. However, any of the great Marrickville, North Sydney or Bondi removals companies will tell you that there can also be some pitfalls to used boxes. 

1. The structure of the box may already Be weakened

There’s nothing worse than picking up a box full of fragile porcelain or glasses – only to have the bottom cave in and let the heavens open up on your hard unforgiving concrete driveway – this could be a reality when taking used boxes!

2. In light of the current climate, hygiene and sanitisation

Let’s face it, it’s a cliched phrase but it’s true: you don’t know where that box has been. Or more specifically, what has been in that box. For all you know, you could be moving your tighty whities and undies in where the previous user had moved it’s dog slobber covered dog’s toys. Just think about that. The top removalists Sydney North Shore offers, or wherever you are, will tell you that it’s not worth the risk. 

3. The rooms written on the boxes will confuse you or your removalists

Trust me on this. Even if you use a different colour marker and have massively different style handwriting, if you have 2 rooms written on the box, it will confuse the hell out of someone at some point. If you must reuse boxes, try using a sticker over the previous writing and then adding your own. 

4. You might not get the right amount, or right size in accordance to your belongings

Again, it should seem obvious but it’s very true. When a removalist provides you with the boxes, it’s based on how much you are moving and how many trips are needed. When you use second hand boxes, you might end up with unused boxes, or boxes that have been overfilled, or underfilled (you know, where something rattles around the whole box because nothing else is in there for some coziness).

 5. Don’t rely on the tape work already on them

This only applies if the boxes are either still made and taped, or still have tape from before but have been flattened again. You still need to use your own tape, trust me, like in number 1, you don’t want to tempt fate. 

6. Your pets may become too interested in them

If you’re relocating with your pets and plants, but specifically pets, you may find your puppy sniffing around these boxes a bit too much. They MAY even pee on them. I’ve seen it happen. If the previous movers had a dog themselves or even a cat or also excrete certain hormones, there’s likely to be a whole lot of smell related sensations and communications going on there. It may be fun at first, or it may prove a bit of a nuisance when trying to actually move the box!

7. What do you do with them afterwards?

I get it, it’s not just a cost saver, it’s also a recycling thing. I’m totally for helping the environment, but what will you do with the boxes after? You may need to give them back, or maybe the previous owner doesn’t want them back? With a good removalist, they will usually offer boxes either as a sort of loan for the move or as a purchasable option, so you can still save the environment in this way as well. 

8. Old boxes attract bugs and pests

This is especially true when wet or moist. Cockroaches, woodlice, rats and more all love a good bit of old cardboard. Rats love it because it offers them both shelter and security. You don’t want boxes full of rat droppings. I hope. 

Well there’s your top 8 dangers – we could easily have given you another 8! Hopefully you have a removalist that can offer you boxes at a good rate to make your move easier, and think twice before reusing old boxes!

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Pets and plants can be the hardest, often most overlooked part of moving. Some plants don’t take well to being moved, and many pets can also become distressed with their new surroundings too. With that in mind, it’s really important to consider some of these factors and how efficient removalists in Randwick or North Sydney or Marrickville can help with this process. 

Here are the areas where your Sutherland or Baulkham Hills removals company will help.

They Pack Them Properly

This includes packing them the correct way up during the journey, but also out of the heat that will dry them out too fast or cause them to burn. They will make sure the large pots are wedged upright so they don’t fall and loose soil spills or even worse – flowers/ leaves get damaged or stems snap. 

If There’s a Long Move, They Can Stop and Tend to Them

This may include giving them a drink on hotter days, or simply just checking in to make sure all is well. 

Using Flatbed Trolleys

Often damage can be caused to plants simply on the way out of the front door! By using flatbed trolleys rather than pure physical lifting (which is sometimes awkward for plants with bits sticking out at all angles), you can be sure that your plant will be well looked after on their way to your new digs. 

There are a number of ways that you can help in moving with plants yourself too, and one of the best ways is to take any particularly fragile ones in your own vehicle if possible. Pets can also be tricky to move with, and here’s how your removalists can help with them too. 

Moving all your other belongings

Firstly, moving with pets is made far simpler when you don’t have to move any of your other items. Pets can sometimes be hyperactive, or scared and curious when moving. If you can get your pet in your vehicle with minimal fuss and other items to move, it’s a much simpler task. 

Advice on How to Move with Pets

Removalists do this day in and day out. Any advice you need on the best way to approach it, they can help. One big tip is to ensure that for moving day itself, you get a friend or family member to pet-sit. This is because you are usually trying to remember 1000 things at once, whilst the removalists are in and out with the front door often left open. 

We also suggest trying to allow your pet time before the move to get the feel and smell of the new place. It helps on day one of the move – this is because everything will smell different and this can cause stress in some pets. You don’t want your pet attempting a runner or being so stressed they become ill shortly after the move. 

Plants and pets are living beings, and as living beings, they can get “upset” so to speak if disturbed or having an environmental change. Moving is about as stressful a task as there is even for us humans who have complex emotions and logical thoughts. A little bit of consideration and thought and your move will be no problems at all!

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So, you’ve found your dream house. And what’s more? It’s not that far away from where you are now. PLUS you’ve roped in a few mates with promise of a 6-pack and a takeaway Chinese. Easy, right? Well, then it comes time and things are hectic and disorganised and a mess. There are many things that the most reliable removalists Western Sydney has to offer knows about moving that you might not, through doing multiple moves every single day. This article is about sharing some of those principles. 

Organised Packing is Worth the Slog

The biggest and most obvious trick to a good and successful move is an old mantra on this blog. Fail to plan and you better plan to fail. Organise your belongings, boxes and rooms in a way that will make for swift and easy loading and unloading for your friends or Eastern Suburbs or Inner West removalists. It’s worth putting in the hours and hard thinking before the move, take it from me. 

Loading your items

This is a task that requires patience, strength, geometry, and tetris skills. Some household belongings are hefty, some are awkward, and some are both. You will need to have a vision of your route from room in your house, to the back of the truck or your car boot with every item. If you’re going to go down the route of DIY moving, then make sure you don’t rush the process. 

Change Your Address for Utilities and Bills in Advance

This is something that is totally worth being ahead of the 8 ball on. I suggest writing a to-do list for house moving, and ticking off each item on your list to feel the progress. There’s absolutely nothing worse than missing an important notification or bill because it was mailed to the wrong address, or receiving a bill for someone else’s electricity usage. The worst of all is not connecting your new place to a provider, forgetting all about it because the lights are switching on, and then coming home to it all disconnected. 

You May Need to Buy Short Term Storage

Let’s face it, not everything is going to be able to come with us, or we might be selling our sofa as it doesn’t match the shapes, sizes, and decor of the new place. Have a look into a short term storage service. 

Research Your New Area

This might be OK if you’re staying in the same suburb or street, but chances are, you are likely moving a little further. If so, make sure to research your local shops, restaurants, public transport options and traffic conditions (red lights, one way streets, etc). This may have a large impact on your new day to day routines and is equally as important as the home itself. Remember, location, location is important. 

Removalists are Almost Always Worth the Money

Pay a little bit of money to save a LOT of time and stress – removalists can literally do all of the heavy lifting for you. A good quality removalist will give you a very good quote, will provide extra services like cleaning and packaging materials, and will have insurance to protect your belongings. 

Now that you’ve read through, I’m sure you will have a smooth, successful move. Stay safe and happy hunting!

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Moving in together, either when you’re in a relationship, or to house share with mates, is a make or break situation. It’s a big decision. The move itself is often considered the stressful part, but, if use the best removalists North Sydney or the Inner West has to offer, and you don’t ask these 5 questions, it may actually prove to be the easy part. 

1. “Have you been responsible for household chores before?”

OK, maybe it’s not as exciting as “do you have a pet snake”, but it’s pretty much the most important question. The number one cause for disgruntlement between housemates and cohabitating couples is over cleanliness, cooking, and chores. The answer to this question will reveal a huge amount about your potential housemate – such as potential red flags.

2.“Have you ever lived with anyone before/ reason for leaving?”

Having worked closely with real estate I can tell you that this is a big question on any rental reference. Having lived with people before, especially in a shared house, is a huge indicator on how ready your potential housemate or other half will cope in the coming arrangements. Moreover, if that person has left completely amicably, or is still living in the same original shared house, this is a good sign of stability and reliability. Just like tenure when a job interviewer asks. If the reason for leaving is filled with drama, it could be a potential red flag. 

3. “How will we organise payments?” 

This is a bit of an elephant in the room but an incredibly important part of living together nonetheless. Renting, or owning property can be a very expensive exercise. It helps if you go splits on one of the great cheap removals Sydney has to offer, but it goes beyond that. What portion of the rent will each side pay? What ratio of the utilities will go to where? These are important questions that really should be answered ahead of time. 

4. “How ‘social’ are you?” ie. parties/ friends coming over

Everybody treats their home differently. Some like to treat it like a haven away from the rest of the world where they can just be at peace, comfort and privacy guarded away. However, some like to flaunt it and treat it as a great meeting pad for their social circles. Both styles are completely acceptable, so long as the other side is in line with it and knows ahead of time. This is a great conversation to have ASAP. 

5. “What kind of diet are you on?” For example, vegan, kosher

More and more of us are eating diets that may have an affect on others in the home. For example, If one housemate eats meat and the other doesn’t, there could be a need to be clear on what pans to use for cooking, what food belongs on what shelf etc. Many people may also be interested in eco-friendly moving tips therefore as well. Sometimes these issues will either be apparently, or easily worked around if discussed properly. However, they can be a potential banana skin to any living arrangement. 

Having these kinds of conversations in advance of your move will be sure to bring a great and happy new home to life for you! And remember, what you don’t ask before the move will surprise you after the move!

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Moving can be a fine balancing act akin to plate spinning in the circus or street performers. One wrong step and you could have broken your best china. A big chunk of this stress can be alleviated by using the best removalists Sydney North Shore has to offer, however, what about moving all those pesky liquids? We’ve all been on weekends away or overseas trips only to open our suitcases that have sprung a leak or become wet. To avoid this happening to you during your house move, read on. 

Do a Stocktake of your Liquids

Before you do anything else, workout what liquids you have, how much of them you have, and what type of containers they are in. Every liquid you have has the potential to leak or cause damage – for example, if left for too long leaking into a cardboard moving box, the structure of the box could be compromised and collapse as you go to pick it up out of the boot… resulting once again in your best china crashing to the driveway next to your feet. Bear in mind that some liquids will not be allowed to travel in the truck, whether it’s through your Bondi removals company, or one you’ve hired yourself. Once you’ve done your stock take, then you can plan out when and where to move them – or whether they come with you at all. 

Move only what is strictly necessary to move

Some liquids are flammable, corrosive or dangerous in other ways. These may be better off staying put, or being disposed of in a responsible way. If you’re wondering what to get rid of, I say chuck it if it fits in the following 4 categories:

  • Almost empty anyway
  • Damaged container
  • Not been used in over 18 months
  • Past expiry

Remember, re-homing or culling your belongings is another of the best ways to save on moving – both time and money. I find the liquids that get culled most frequently when moving to be kitchen or bathroom cleaning liquids or cooking sauces anyway. 

Pack them together

This way, if any of them does still spring a leak, it won’t damage other items of yours! Many suggest using garbage bags, however, I don’t like this approach as it allows for the bottles to flop around more when carrying. Repurposing supermarket plastic bags works perfectly, as you can place the bottles and containers more upright, and tighter, so that they are less likely to fall around. 

Wrap the container opening with Plastic Wrap

Have you ever ordered takeaway pho or laksa? When you get the takeaway container, usually it has been wrapped with cling wrap and then had the lid placed back over the top to prevent spillage. This is an excellent method and can even work wonders for your liquids during the move! Get some plastic wrap, as cling wrap may not be enough, and use this same method to add an extra layer of protection for your liquids!

Label Clearly

OK, so you’ve worked out what liquids can be transported and the removalists are coming to pack onto their truck. Make sure to label very clearly for them which has the liquids, you might want to try something catchy like: “CAUTION: LIQUIDS” so that they can take that extra care in both carrying to/ from the truck, and also where on the truck to pack so there’s minimal sloshing!

Following these steps will be sure to help you have dry boxes to unpack at the other end. Happy moving! 

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Moving house is never a cheap endeavour, however, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. If you are using your Hurstville or Baulkham Hills removals, or going solo, I’ve got 5 tips for you to save on your moving costs. 

1. Fail to Plan, and Plan to Fail

It’s a regularly repeated line if you read our blogs, and there’s a reason for that. It’s simply true. Plan out your move from woe to go, and organise accordingly and there’s no way that you fail. When you plan, you can find your efficient removalists in Randwick or Rockdale or wherever you need them to be quite easily as well, which can help in both time and cost. 

2. Cut Down Some of Your Belongings

Before you start packing, you should work out what you can cull from your current possessions. It may be white goods like fridges and microwaves that are specially built for the kitchen or sofas that are the wrong shape/ style for your new place. You can consider giving to charities or friends and family. With less stuff to move, there will be less cost involved. Another great trick to this is with things like clothes, or DVDs/ CDs. Firstly, when it comes to clothes I use the 12-18 month rule. If you haven’t worn it for the last 12-18 months, you don’t need it anymore. With DVDs and CDs, well, everything is digitised and cloud based/ hard drive based now, so this is probably a collection that you can look into selling or donating in order to create plenty of space! 

4. Look at doing a Backloading Trip

When you get your quote on a removals, it usually factors in a return trip. Essentially charging you for them to drive back once they have moved all your stuff. The way around this? Organise for a backloading, or to have your stuff moved on the return trip. It means you book later in the day usually, and you have to work to their schedule. But it can save you as much as 50% on the booking! This is especially useful for long distance or interstate moving. 

5. Pack your own boxes

Another way you can cut down your moving costs is by packing your items on your own, not having to pay the movers to do so. Though it may be easier to ask the movers to pack up all of your boxes, it can also become quite expensive. Just make sure you pack them correctly so none of your items are damaged during the move especially if moving with plants or other delicate items . To do this, protect your belongings with:

  • blankets
  • sheets
  • towels
  • old newspapers

This will also aid you in costs too – not having to splash out on bubble wrap for example. 

Bonus tip: If you use a removalist, ensure that they are Insured

It may seem like a greater cost at first, but believe us, going for a cheaper option only to have your washing machine or sofa or mattress need to be replaced is definitely going to cost you more in the long run. 

Moving need not be such a huge expense. These are just 5 relatively small changes you can make to your moving procedures that, when added up, can create a big difference in the cost. 

Happy moving!

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When moving, it’s quite easy to consider the impact on your own self through stress and dehydration and other issues, but we can often overlook the strain placed on the environment during a house move, whether you are using your Eastern Suburbs or Inner West removalists, or simply doing it yourself. However, moving doesn’t have to be bad for the environment. Here are 5 ways you can make your house move more eco-friendly. 

1. Use and Reuse Boxes

Boxes are neither cheap nor expensive. But, if you use them well, it’s quite easy to be able to reuse boxes. You can either save them for your next move, or pass them onto a friend or family member who needs them too. Your expert removalists in Coogee or Parramatta or wherever you are, will also be able to provide you with these reusable boxes. 

2. Switch to greener utility providers

How green your energy or internet provider is ultimately isn’t on you, it’s on them. However, you do have the choice of who to use at your next place. You can do a bit of research to see which company does better for the environment, or use your own understanding. For example, paperless billing, reusing of modems or reduced carbon emissions are a good indicators. 

3. Consider Giving Away Unwanted Items

Moving house is a great time to do a little spring cleaning of items that are no longer needed or wanted, or maybe just don’t fit in the new place. Well, instead of taking these items to the landfill, you may want to think about donating to charity, or friends and family. You may even want to ask the real estate agent if there are items like fridges that can be left behind. 

4. Use towels and blankets, and old newspapers instead of bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap is made from plastic, and plastic is one of the biggest causes of non-biodegradable materials left to float or lay around forever in our environment. The worst part? We don’t really need to use it. We have plenty of other soft cushiony materials and items that we can use to protect our belongings. When house moving, commonly damaged items such as plates and glasses can be wrapped up in, or placed in a box and padded with, clothes, towels, blankets, and even some with old newspapers. 

5. Use eco-friendly cleaning products

One aspect of moving that will never go away, is leaving your current place clean and ready for the next occupants. Sometimes, especially if we have lived somewhere for an extended period of time, it can need quite rigorous cleaning in some areas, and this often means the use of heavy chemicals. However, a lot of these chemicals are not good for the environment or our health. Consider using eco friendly brands and home made cleaning like vinegar and lemon mixes or sugar soaps, which leave a far greater impact. 

There are, of course, many other eco-friendly steps you can take to leave a more sustainable footprint on the environment during your move, however, if you start off with these 5 we know that the environment will thank you!

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Moving requires doing a lot of tasks, and we all know the best way to get tasks done is To-Do Lists. We’re here to help you get your To-Do list in order so that you are totally ready for your move out. 

Book in a Removalist

You can go for whichever removalist you choose, whenever that be one of the cheap removals Sydney has to offer, or a more pricey one. Whichever way you do go, make sure they are legit, have insurance, and they look after you and your belongings. 

Plan your boxes based on rooms

Don’t just pack boxes like a mad hatter, as this will lead to an inefficient and disorganised move and unpacking. Remember that the best removalists Sydney North Shore or wherever you are has to offer will help provide the boxes. Pack 1 room into just 1 or 2 boxes only, rather than 2 rooms into the same box. This might mean some boxes are heavier than others, but that’s OK. 

Organise Pet-Sitters for moving day

Having pets around on moving day is a recipe for disaster. You’re running around manically, you’ve got the front door wedged open, boxes and things moving left, right and centre, I’ve heard too many times now of pet dogs dashing out into the street, and straight into oncoming traffic. 

Start to tick off some of the little maintenance items

Whenever you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you start to get used to some of the little quirks of your place. This could be that kitchen cupboard doors slightly hang off the hinges or whatever it may be. If you’re leaving a rental property especially, you have to leave it in a good condition. When you know you are soon to move, you should start getting them sorted ahead of time. 

Organise a cleaner 

You should always try to leave a place in a good, clean condition for whoever is next to move in. You can either clean yourself if you are confident in your cleaning skills and have the required time, or you can lean on your good removalists company who should be able to organise this for you. 

Trim Down Possessions 

Even if you are moving to a larger place, every move is easier if there is less to move. Let’s face it, sometimes we forget our Spring Cleaning and we all hoard things from time to time, thinking we will have a use for it someday. But moving house presents an opportunity to think about whether that someday will ever actually come – and trim down accordingly. 

Disconnect your utilities and change your postal address

Not only should you do this for your own benefit, but also for the new occupant’s. Ever get frustrated at consistently receiving somebody else’s mail? Or not being able to connect your gas and electricity because the previous occupant hasn’t yet disconnected? 

Get educated on tips and techniques for moves

You can start by checking out this blog post on house moving myths, and in general some other tips on best moving practices. It’s good to know how best to pack and what days work well for moves. 

Just remember, whenever you fail to plan, you’d better plan to fail. Be ahead of the curve when it comes to moving, and help your move become a cinch. 

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