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Moving house and want to take your favourite bathtub or spa with you? Or perhaps it’s time to get rid of the old one and replace it with a new one!

Our friendly team of expert bathtub and spa removalists are here to help. Bills Removalists offer top-notch professional SPA removal services at a great price. Contact them today at 0425 351 578 for your free quote.

Professional Bathtub and Spa Removalists Sydney
Let our team of experts in spa and bathtub removal take care of the stress for you.

High-Quality Spa and Bathtub Removalists Services At Affordable Prices.

When it comes to moving big, bulky or complicated items such as bathtubs and spas it pays to use a professional team, like Bills Removalists, who know what they are doing. We take the utmost care throughout the whole relocation process and offer competitive prices to all our customers. 

Here’s an extensive list of bathtubs and spas our expert removalists can remove:

  • Free-standing tubs and spas
  • Corner bathtubs and spas
  • Alcove spa and bathtubs
  • Soaking tubs
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Hot tubs
  • Walk-in tubs

Our professional bathtub movers find they are up for any challenge with the right tools, experience and can-do attitude.

Why Choose Bills Removalists Sydney as Your Bathtub and Spa Removal Service

With the best choice in tools and skills for bathtub and spa removal, our removal services are the pride of Sydney and New South Wales. Alleviate your stress and have a positive moving service experience when Bills Removalists take care of everything for you.

Bathtub and Spa Removal Service
Bills Removalists Sydney has the right tools, equipment and experience for all your spa and bathtub removal needs.

Sydney’s most trusted and reliable professional movers.

Your safety and convenience are our number one priority. Once you have completed a free quote we will work with you to fit in with your moving dates and protect your property when moving.

We are Sydney’s trusted and reliable service, making us a firm favourite for spa or tub removals!

Experienced removalists with the proper moving tools for the job.

The sheer size and process of moving a tub or spa can be overwhelming, not to mention the mess left behind!

That’s why we have a team of experienced professional bathtub and spa movers armed with the proper tools and skills to take care of your tub and rubbish removal for you.

A friendly and affordable moving company.

We pride ourselves on our friendly can-do attitude, service with a smile and competitive pricing.

We want our service to be available to anyone who wants to get rid of a spa or tub that is simply unwanted or who wishes for their favourite tub or spa to follow them to their new home. That’s why we keep our prices affordable.

Great communication and excellent service.

When you contact us for a free estimate we aim to get back to you in a few hours with a quote so you can start planning your move that same day.

Our excellent tub removal services mean our customers come back time and time again. We are known as expert bathtub movers with great communication and who are all about customer first!

Convenient hours and a set time window.

We aim to fit with your busy lifestyle and offer the most convenient hours for your removal service of bath or spa tubs.

We also offer same-day spa and tub rubbish removal so you are not left with unwanted furniture or broken pieces lying around making your home unsafe.

spa or bathtub removal
Our friendly team of experts can provide a free quote on spa or bathtub removal including rubbish removal and reassembly of your tub.

How Our Simple Yet Efficient Spa and Bath Removal Process Work.

Our team of expert bathtub movers and efficient methods make moving day a breeze. Just like our handy moving day checklist” aimed to help you move efficiently and without stress!

Our packing services and moving process are second to none, simply by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Our team of friendly professionals will measure the amount of space in your bathroom, hallways and house so we can plan the best way to move the tub from your bathroom to the moving truck.
  • Step 2: The team will move any furniture that may hinder their efforts to remove the tub from your house.
  • Step 3: The water supply will be shut off at the time of the removal service.
  • Step 4: Our professional removalists will ensure your tub is drained by using rubber pipes.
  • Step 5:Once the water drainage is complete, our team will remove all the hardware such as handles, faucets and drains.
  • Step 6: Using a utility knife, any tiles surrounding your spa or tub will be removed next.
  • Step 7: Now the dismantling is complete, the bathtub or spa can be dislocated and removed from its position in your bathroom.
  • Step 8: Our professionals will then use the proper materials and equipment to pack and protect your tub to avoid damage whilst in transit.
  • Step 9: We use dollies and ramps to safely load and secure the spa or tub into the truck.
  • Step 10: We complete any rubbish removal before leaving your home.
Efficient Spa and Bath Removal Process
We have the right tools and equipment to dismantle and assemble your spa or bathtub.

See Why Our Customers Love our Service

You can see what our customers have to say about our stellar service on our testimonial page. To check out what recent happy Sydney customers have to say about our bathtub removal, here are some of our favourite reviews:

Ricky Bugeja
Ricky Bugeja
Highly recommend, they were right on time and very polite. We are very careful with our items and took care but we’re fast and energetic. We couldn’t be happier. Will definitely use again and recommend to all our friends.
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen
Don’t usually write reviews but had to give the boys a shoutout because they did such a great job! They were timely, professional, and everything was done perfectly - even though I moved into a place with stairs. The fact that they don’t charge an arm and a leg like every other removalist company in Sydney is even better. Would definitely recommend!
mark greenway
mark greenway
Bills removalists came and grabbed everything I needed to move no matter how heavy it was. They were very professional and friendly. They wrapped up any loose items for me and completed the job in a very timely matter. I would recommend bills removalists to anyone who is looking to move 🙂
deng jingqi
deng jingqi
Helpful people , and good price Thank you
Jacques Habis
Jacques Habis
Bill , you have done it again. Very happy with your guys Lee&Bruce are the best Top removalist and professional with no damaged Strongly recommend. I will use you again Cheers. Jack
Kousik Sankaran
Kousik Sankaran
Nimble at work and value for money.

All your questions about bathtub and spa removal are answered!

Can you take your spa or bathtub with you when you move house?

The short answer is yes.

However, you should carefully consider the condition, age, and reasons behind wanting to take your tub with you and decide if it is worth the extra charge for bathtub removal services.

Our professional team can provide a free quote for the removal and transport of the tub to your new home if you decide the removal of your spa or tub is worth it.

How much does it cost to remove a spa or bathtub?

When you contact us we will ask questions so we can provide you with an accurate free estimate of the cost to get rid of or move your tub using our services. We will need to know things like if it is an in-ground or free-standing tub, the size of the tub, the location and if there’s any obstruction (such as furniture or small living spaces) to the removal and disposal or transportation of the tub. 

We do offer same-day rubbish removal of broken pieces and fitting disposal into a skip bin.

Is there an additional cost for reassembling the spa or bathtub?

When you contact us to get a free quote we ask questions aimed to give us all the details we need to provide a reliable service, this includes reassembling the tub in your new home.

We charge hourly rates that include all of our expertise in removal services, equipment, tools, same-day rubbish removal and disposal, protection of your tub and property, the moving truck and service with a friendly smile!

How long does it take to remove a spa or bathtub?

The length of time it takes our friendly professionals to remove the tub is dependent on the type, location and size of the tub. We can provide an estimate of the time for our service when you call for your free quote.

Can I help with the bathtub or spa removal process?

We appreciate you want to lend a hand, but the tub removal process is best left to the professionals. When you don’t know our methods, processes and equipment you are making it unsafe for our crew to do their job.

Instead, you can focus on running a hot bath at the end of the day to soothe your body, knowing we have taken care of everything, including reassembly and rubbish removal!

Do you move pre-packed bathtubs or spas?

You can talk to one of our friendly specialists about moving pre-packed tubs, however, we usually like to do the disassembly and packing of the tub ourselves.

When we move a tub we like to use our own reliable equipment, quality packing materials and methods. If we move a pre-packed tub we cannot guarantee the quality of packing materials used and the safety of the tub. This means you won’t be able to claim any damages sustained on moving insurance.

How long does a bathtub need to be drained off before moving?

We recommend you let your bath or spa dry out for 24 hours before moving. When we arrive on the day we will use rubber hoses to ensure it is 100% drained before we disassemble the tub for removal and/or disposal.

Do we have to organise any tools before moving?

No! Our services include all tools and equipment for the removal of your bathtub or spa tub, so no need to organise anything else. We will even take care of the rubbish removal for you.

Do you provide storage containers for bathtubs?

We use specialised packing material and equipment to ensure the body and parts of your bath are protected and safe during the removal process and in the back of the truck.

How do you transport a bathtub?

Once we have safely navigated the tub out of the house, we use ramps and dollies to place the tub into the big truck and drive it away to its new home.

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