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10 Stress Free Tips When Moving To Your New Home

Let’s face it, even if you are getting someone to do your entire move for you and no matter how good or experienced they are, it remains one of the most stressful things to do in your life.

Family with cardboard boxes moving into new house

All you really want to do is contact the best professional movers in Sydney and let them manage your move, while you relax with a long refreshing drink and hope the move will soon be over. Thankfully with the following 10 tips you will hopefully be doing just that a lot sooner than you might imagine.

  1. Start decluttering early

The earlier you start this process the better.  Ruthlessness is the key to success.  The more you can get rid of the easier the move will ultimately be.  A way to make it easier is to pride yourself on the good all the donations will bring to needy people.

  1. Start packing early

Usually the removalists Blue Mountains can take care of that, but should you wish to do it yourself the earlier you start the better.  It is recommended to start several weeks in advance to the actual moving day.  Also make sure you have a good supply of packaging tape, bubble wrap and boxes.

  1. Get destination house cleaned as soon as possible

Get a team of cleaners to give the new home a good going over from top to bottom.  There is nothing better than moving into a sparkling clean new abode.

  1. Mark contents of boxes

Mark the contents of each box to make it easy to find required items quickly.  An inventory list is a great help here.  Compile it in a way that makes sense to you without making it ridiculously complicated.

  1. Mark which item/box goes where

Label each item of furniture and box with the exact location it is destined for.

  1. Start early on moving day

An early start will mean that the move will be over as soon as possible, a very desirable outcome.

  1. Get the pets sorted

Pets find moving very stressful perhaps even more so than the humans.  Get them out of harm’s way either to a pet lodge or a friend’s house if at possible.

  1. Pack lunches for the family

Prepacked Picnic lunches for the family will take care of the nutritional needs for the day without biting into too much moving time.

  1. Pack a first night box

This is probably the best tip you can do on a move.  Pack all the things you will need on your first night like bedding, the kettle, toiletries, tea, coffee and so on.

  1. Artificial turf

Something probably not considered as a normal aspect of a move but worth a second look.  Imagine a home with immaculate green lawns, perfect for enjoying those picnic lunches.

With the above tips your move should be as painless as possible, including engaging the professional movers in Sydney to manage your move for you.

Meet The Author - Bill Chen

Before 2008, Bill was working with a local removalist company in Sydney and was witness for a number of deformities and wrongs in the working of the company. Observing the atmosphere, a thought came to Bill’s mind that he could do much better if he were the owner of the company, by offering a fully transparent service to the clients with a friendly and trustworthy staff and no hidden fee structure; and thus, in 2008, AAA Bill Removalists Sydney was formed with just one truck and only Bill as staff. Even if Bill Chen began the company as just one man, the company grew fast. The operation expanded beyond the Sydney suburbs and to the surrounding cities: Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other.

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