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So you’re moving, are you? For most of us, just saying the word is enough to give us that sinking feeling. Moving is stressful, no doubt about it. The prospect of uprooting ourselves and our belongings from the space we know and readjusting ourselves to the new one can feel overwhelming. But knowing the pitfalls in advance can do a lot to smooth the way. Whether it’s a new home or a new office that you’re relocating to, here are 10 do’s and don’ts from skilled Balmain Removalists to help take the pain out of the moving out and moving in.

1. Get organised in advance.

Don’t leave the packing up and sorting out until the last minute. It always takes a lot longer than you think to pack up years of accumulated household or working life. You’ll be surprised at how much you’re hanging onto that you don’t need or want. Go through your possessions beforehand and give away/ recycle/ rehome everything that you know you won’t be taking with you. You’ll feel so much lighter without the clutter.

moving house tips, tips on moving

Get organised in advance.

2. Use professional help.

Professional movers can take a lot of the stress out of the relocation experience. They have the right equipment (moving van), many experienced hands to do the heavy lifting, and the know-how on how to get those cumbersome fridges through doorways that won’t expand. If you begrudge the expense, just think how much more painful and inconvenient a slipped disc would be from straining at those heavy loads.

Use professional help.

Use professional help.

3. Do your homework.

Make sure the outfit you pick is the best for your needs while still being cost-effective. Ask around for recommendations from friends or family who have recently moved. Also, look at customer reviews online. Always get a quote beforehand and confirm whether the rate quoted is a flat rate or hourly, so there are no nasty surprises. Don’t forget moving dates have to be booked in advance, especially if you’re moving at a popular time like the end of the month.

4. Don’t skimp on the boxes.

Getting your hands on a sufficient stash of good boxes of the right size to pack your all-sorts into is key to a pain-free moving experience. It may be tempting to make do with what you can scrounge from second-hand sources but don’t. Your boxes need to be able to stand up to rough treatment, with strong bottoms that won’t burst open and drop your personals all over the pavement. Be generous with the duct tape and don’t forget to label each box clearly and list what’s in it. You’ll be so glad you did!

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Wardrobe Boxes – types of moving boxes for hose removals
Image Courtesy: officedepot.com

5. Prepare the new space before you move in.

Any painting, fixing and logistical readjusting should ideally be done before you and your boxes pitch up. Save yourself the added labour and hire someone to do a good top to bottom clean-up so that the space you’re moving into is clean and welcoming. Decide in advance what rooms will function as what and label your boxes accordingly so that you can get them carried into the right spaces from the start. It will save you a lot of lugging later.

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Prepare the new space before you move in!

6. Spare a thought for the pets.

You’re not the only one likely to be stressed out by the moving experience. Pets are extra-sensitive to the household atmosphere and the sight of boxes and suitcases is a dead giveaway that something unusual is underway. Consider boarding them elsewhere for a few days to get them out of the way and spare them the anxiety of watching their home stripped and emptied around them. Move their bedding or baskets to a safe, quiet corner out of the way of the main traffic so they can retreat there when the activity and uncertainty get too much.

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Spare a thought for the pets.                                 Image Courtesy: hillsidevetclinic.ca

7. Don’t lose your marbles.

Keep your valuables and indispensables like keys and ID books safe and accessible in a separate tog bag and stash it in your car boot so that you always know where to find it. It will save you a lot of frantic searching in the long run. Also don’t forget to back up your computer files before moving day, just in case someone drops the PC/laptop. Have one labelled box for all the electronics, including cables, adaptors, chargers etc. so that you’re not caught up in the creek without the mouse.

8. Don’t forget the overnight bag.

Nothing worse than having to tear boxes open at the end of an exhausting moving day in search of bath towels, toothbrushes and pyjamas. Have them readily available in a separate hold-all or tog-bag. Also keep accessible the kettle, cups and all the soothing necessaries that go with them for the morning awakening in your new space.

9. Get helping hands.

There’s a time for self-sufficiency and butchering it up alone. This is not one of them. Many hands do make light work, so don’t try and do the move single-handed. Call on the help of friends and family for those inevitable multiple car trips and fetching and carrying of articles you didn’t want to go in the van. Afterwards, when it’s all over, nothing is more comforting than a celebratory bottle /percolator shared with familiar faces. It already makes the new space feel lived in.

10. Give yourself time to settle in.

New spaces, however nice, can seem very daunting and unsettling. They haven’t yet adjusted themselves around you – or you to them. Nothing is as you were used to, doors in the wrong places and an urgent night trip to the bathroom ending up in the cupboard. As the days pass and the boxes get unpacked, you’ll find yourself naturally adjusting – and forget you ever lived/worked anywhere else.

And if you’re still feeling stressed out by the thought of moving after reading this article, take a look at the lighter side here.

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