• August 31, 2020
  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Items being damaged is a common theme in moving, especially if you don’t use professional removalists in Mosman. There are some items that always seem to crop up time and time again as being damaged, so to help looking out for your own things, here’s our definitive top 5 list. 

1.Glassware and China

Let’s address the obvious elephant in the room when it comes to damaged belongings during moves first. Your mugs, coffee cups, champagne glasses, plates, bowls and other kitchenware are prime candidates for chips, hairline fractures and sometimes even being full blown smashed into smithereens. But fear not! You can keep them protected by using newspapers, magazines, or wrapping them up in clothes or towels. You can rest assured if you are using trusted removalists in Neutral Bay that they will take the correct care, or if you feel too precious about them then take them in your own vehicle if possible. 

2 . Television Screens and Some Other Electronic Devices

Let’s face it, electronics are just not built how they used to be. They break even when you’re not moving house. And again, moving house can put a strain on some electronic devices. Television screens getting cracks or the LED screens having small patches not working tends to be the most common issues. The solutions are really quite easy for TV screens. The first one, is keeping the original box when you buy your flat screen, and using it to transport to your new place. Basically, it’s designed to do this job. The second, is using the best removalists in Strathfield at Bill Removalists Sydney who either can provide the right boxes for you to us, or failing that, they will take the right care in moving your TV from old place to new place. 

3. Big Ticket Furniture and Appliances

Heavy furniture and appliances pretty much do what they say on the tin: they’re heavy. This means that they are at a higher risk of being dropped, or banged against walls/ doorways etc. Sofa’s especially get damaged. So, how to solve this one? Well, the first step is to see if there’s a way to make them into smaller items to move (such as unscrewing sofa legs, taking wheels off tables/ chairs etc). The second step is to make sure you have enough helpers. Don’t try to lift things that are too heavy for 1 or 2. 

4. Plants

Plants, especially large plants, are often casualties of house moves. From monsteriosa’s having their branches bent, to carefully maintained orchids struggling in the move, everyone who’s moved house has experienced a form of loss of one of their houseplants. Best thing to do here is to take it easy during the move, and follow our moving plants article: 10 Essential Tips on How to Move with Potted Plants, as we detail a number of methods. 

5. Yourself

The most common thing to get hurt during a move is your own body. From overstretching, or incorrect lifting form, our bodies can take a hell of a hit during a move. This is especially prevalent whilst moving house during Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Make sure you do the right thing by lifting properly, not over exerting yourself, having buddies there or failing that, get the best removalists you can! 

So, ready to move without the troubles of smashed TV screens, cracked champagne glasses, or torn sofa cushions?

Bill Chen

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