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  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Furniture Removals

There are scenarios and times during a home or office relocation when you will have to store your furniture before moving into your new home or office. Therefore, the question that must be answered is how to package your delicate furniture for storage to ensure that it is not damaged in the process.

By way of answering this question, here are eight tips before moving to help you preserve your furniture while in storage:

Long-term or short-term storage

Are you planning on storing your furniture for a short or long time? This question is relevant and needs an answer because it provides the basis from which to work. For example, long-term storage will require a different type of storage from short-term storage.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that an answer is provided to this question before moving on to the next steps in your furniture storage plan.

Storage facilities to use

Once you have an idea of the length of time that your furniture needs to be stored, the next step is to ensure that you find a storage facility that suits your budget like the affordable removalists in Ryde area that still provides the type of storage your furniture needs. 

It is vital to note that delicate furniture and antiques need special packing and storage arrangements to preserve them while in storage. Also, it is important to note that these pointers are all questions you should ask a removalist.

Prepare furniture for packing

The worst thing you can do is to store dirty furniture, even if the dirt is made up of microscopic particles. Simply stated, these fragments will rub against the packing materials and will ultimately result in damage to the furniture. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all delicate furniture and antiques are thoroughly cleaned before packing and wrapping. Consider hiring professional Sydney removalists to assist you with the packing process, as they often have the expertise and equipment needed to properly prepare your furniture for transport.

Furniture Moving

Packing materials

Once again, the answer to the question of what packing materials to use will be largely determined by the answer to the question of how long you plan to leave your possession in storage. Essentially, long-term storage requires breathable, soft, protective claddings and wrappings that will not rub against the furniture as it settles in the warehouse.

Dissemble furniture

Before moving your furniture from its original location to the storage facility, it is vital to dissemble the furniture. Also, it is extremely important to keep all the nuts, bolts, and screws together with each item. Otherwise, you will not be able to put the piece back together once you are ready to move into your new home or office.

Pack and wrap furniture

Once each item of furniture has been dissembled, wrap each piece in protective packaging and cladding. Use soft blankets that will ensure the parts do not rub against each other while in storage. It is vital not to wrap your delicate furniture in plastic as this will trap moisture in between the plastic and the wood, causing the wood to rot.

Prepare storage facility

It is vital to ensure that no water or moisture will leak into the warehouse while your furniture is stored there. Thus, the following steps will help protect your furniture:

  • Lay thick plastic sheeting on the ground to prevent moisture from seeping up from the floor.
  • Place a raised floor constructed from wooden pallets on top of this plastic sheeting to ensure that there is a free flow of air around the furniture. This will help prevent damage to the furniture caused by heat.

Pack glass properly

Make sure that all glass parts are properly wrapped with extra padding to reduce the risk of any breakages while in storage.

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