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Complete Checklist of Addresses to Change When Moving in Australia

Complete Checklist of Addresses to Change When Moving in Australia

Moving can be stressful, so how do you make the task easier? Having a complete list of addresses to change when moving can be a huge help.

This checklist encompasses all of the people, organisations, and businesses you need to notify of your address change for Australian residents to avoid leaving anyone out!

From your utility company to the electoral office or your insurance providers, the move experts at Bill Removalists Sydney are here to help you keep track of whom to notify when you change the address. Read on for a brain-jolt of those often forgotten during the moving process thanks to our change of address checklist Australia, and get in touch with our experienced moving consultants to make the whole task even easier.

Insurance providers

Insurance is important when you change addresses, and informing your insurers of any change in circumstances ensures you are financially protected. On the other hand, if you forget to update your information, this can impact or void your coverage.

Get in touch with your home or car insurance provider before your move date, and be prepared for the various documentation that a company may request to verify your updated details.

The key categories to consider are:

  • Home or renters insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance

Post office

A very important update of your new address goes to the Post Office. The last thing you want is to miss bills, subscriptions or packages due to them arriving at the wrong place. The Post Office is at the top of our address checklist so they can arrange to have mail redirected to your new address.

The process to change this is very simple and can even be done online with your choice of how many months you would like the redirect for.

complete list of addresses to change when moving
The Bill Removalists helpful checklist will let you know everyone you should consider notifying about an address change.

Voter registration

Regardless of where we are in the election calendar, it’s a good idea to keep your new address up to date with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). You can update your voter registration quickly online and this is very important as your new address may mean you are registered in a different electorate.

If this is the case, familiarise yourself with the new electorate when you have some time after your move so you can think about where your votes will go next election.

Government departments

It is imperative to inform the Tax Office of your new address and any other change in circumstances to prevent complications down the line. You can do this quickly via your myGov account if you have the ATO linked.

While you are there, see which other Government departments you have linked, or use that may need your new mailing address. You may need to update your contact details for any of the following:

  • Australian JobSearch
  • Centrelink
  • Medicare
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • State Revenue Office

Drivers licence

While you do have a grace period for changing the details of your driver’s licence and vehicle registration, we recommend doing this as early as possible. If you leave it too long, you’ll be violating the law.

For interstate moves, it’s important to change your details within three months. The necessary information to update your licence and registration per stats can be done via these sites:

Healthcare providers

While we’ve mentioned Medicare, other healthcare providers may need to know your new address, such as your dentist, GP, and optometrist (if applicable). They may send important correspondence, which will be taken care of by the redirect mentioned above, but still, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

In some cases, you may change your GP to find one closer to your actual address; you can request that your health information be transferred directly to your new clinic to save time.

If you have a My Health Record with myGov, you will need to update this, along with Medicare which can be done through myGov or the Express Plus Medicare app.

Change of address checklist Australia
There is already a lot to consider when moving house so you can easily forget to cancel subscriptions and update your contact information with various companies.


Your change of address checklist would be pointless if it left off your high-speed internet, especially if you are reading this online! So make sure to contact your phone and internet provider to set up your online services in your new place before you move. Those keeping a landline or internet through a phone line will need to update details to ensure you can order a pizza online for that first night of unpacking!


When leaving your old address, you need to notify your essential utilities to ensure you have access to water, gas or electricity, and aren’t unnecessarily paying for the previous location. If you are keeping the same providers, the change of address should be a quick process. However, if you’re changing providers, there will be a few extra steps.

Get in touch about the new property at least a week before your move to ensure everything is in order in your new home.

Bank and financial services

Your bank will need to know about your change of address, especially if they need to replace a lost or stolen card. Those with a loan must let their loan officers know their correct location as failure to notify the bank may violate the terms of the loan. A quick phone call or update online should be all that is needed.

If you have a superannuation fund, update your address details via phone or online for important correspondence through the mail. Those with a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) will need to update their ABN (Australian business number) address with the Australian Business Register (ABR) within 28 days of the change of address. You can do this online with the ABR.

Work and education

You may need to inform your employer or education provider of your change of address via an HR department (for work) or the main office of your learning facility. Address details are often necessary for payroll and the necessary documentation that may be delivered by post.

Social/entertainment/exercise groups and subscriptions

You may be a member of a social club, take hobby classes, or be a part of loyalty programs and gyms that will require your new property details for relevant communications by mail. You should also note your change of address for any subscription services that deliver via regular package postal services, and the same goes for newspaper, magazine and catalogue subscriptions.

addresses to change when moving
By letting the team at Bill Removalists assist with your move, you can relax and enjoy the process of a change of scenery!

Change of address details for a business

If you are relocating a business, it is a legal requirement that all contact details are kept up to date, specifically within 28 days of your move. The Australian Business Register must be notified, and you can do this via these methods:

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission will also need to be updated online.

Friends and Family

Avoid the uncomfortable awkwardness of not mentioning to your best friends, siblings or even parents that you moved. It seems obvious, but this can be left by the wayside in busy times like a move! A simple social media post or group email is an efficient way to cover your bases.

Other organisations to notify

The main considerations are in the checklist above, but there are often smaller organisations and businesses to notify during the moving process. Here is a quick list to jog your memory of any that may be relevant to you:

  • After school care
  • Automobile associations
  • Charities
  • Childcare
  • Gardeners
  • Gyms
  • House cleaners
  • Lawyers
  • Mechanics
  • Pet microchip registry
  • Real estate agents
  • Road toll networks
  • Store memberships and loyalty programs
  • Unions
  • Vehicle breakdown cover suppliers

How can Bill Removalists Sydney help?

As we’ve mentioned, changing your address can be stressful. When you have a team of professional movers handling the process, however, this is all made much easier. Bill Removalists Sydney has years of experience and a well-trained team to make sure every box is ticked and your possessions are moved safely.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and let’s take care of your move with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions about your move checklist, you’ll find some more answers via this section:

What is the best way to notify of an address change?

This will be dependent on the organisation you are notifying, but most will offer a quick solution to let you update your details online efficiently. If this is not the case, a quick phone call should be all it takes. In cases where documentation is required to support the update, you may need to contact the company via fax or post.

Why should I change my address when I move?

For some entities, like loan companies, your details must be correct and updated as part of your agreement with the business. In all other cases, it is important to have the correct details on file for contact and postal requirements. While you can redirect posts, this will be a temporary fix, and you will need the right address moving forward to keep up with any vital correspondence.

Who needs to know when you move?

From health insurance providers for insurance payments to the phone company for billing purposes and more, there is a range of organisations that will need to know about your new location. We recommend making a list or using the helpful checklist from Bill Removalists above to ensure you cover all the necessary bases.

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