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COVID-19: Removalists Services Essential Guidance on Moving Home

Moving is always a big thing, no matter when you plan to do it. In the current climate, we have been presented with a big question. What is the current guidance to move home?

Essential Guidance on Moving Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Can or Should I Move House During This Coronavirus Time? 

As Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife season tells us about the world/ life, “it goes on”. If you need to move, you need to move. Currently moving home is considered an essential service and there are no restrictions on moving, so yes, you can move. Meaning, your local expert removalists in Western Sydney or Central Coast or wherever you are, are still in operation. If you need to move house, move house. As far as should, I mean, I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, only you can say that, but if you were planning a move, don’t throw those plans out the window. 

Is It Safe to Move During Coronavirus?

Yes, absolutely. There’s no risk at all, so long as you still follow proper guidelines and precautions such as the use of PPE. Now more than ever the use of a professional removalists in Inner West is so important, due to knowledge of handling your stuff safely, and the use of proper PPE, and being insured too. It’s also important to not put unnecessary pressure on your stress levels and therefore immune system. 

Do I Need To Self Isolate after my Move?

Definitely not for a local move, however, for interstate, it’s possible. Always check the state government guidelines when you do. Some states like South Australia currently require you to self isolate for the first 14 days immediately following your move. 

Can I Move House During Stage 3 Lockdown?

Some states are still in a stage 3 lockdown, which does not prevent moving house at all. Always check guidelines though. 

Can I Move House During a Stage 4 Lockdown?

If it gets to this stage, the answer is that it would most probably be no. Any moves would have to be backdated and reorganised. 

Can I move house during this Coronavirus time?

Can COVID-19 Be Transferred Through Furniture?

The government guidelines say yes, however, professional virologists say no, viruses need living tissue in order to be transferred. The safest course of action is to use correct PPE during your move, to avoid touching furniture and then your face. If you are very worried, you may want to consider our tips on getting rid of old furniture before your move, and buying fresh brand new furniture for your new place instead. 

Can I Pack My Own Possessions? 

Yes, I always recommend you do this anyway. That way you can know where your things are and enable a far less stressful pack, move and unpack. It may also provide you some peace of mind that a removalist hasn’t touched all of your things. 

What Extra Precautions Can I Take For My Move?

There are quite a few, for example, having all your boxes packed on time, having prepared your furniture and big ticket items, and still practising social distancing by giving your removalists 1.5 metres of space at all times. You can even use electronic payment methods rather than cash for example. 

We hope that if you have a move planned, it goes well and, most importantly, you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Always check on official guidelines before you do anything, but remember, life still goes on and the world still turns so if you were going to move, you still should. 

Meet The Author - Bill Chen

Before 2008, Bill was working with a local removalist company in Sydney and was witness for a number of deformities and wrongs in the working of the company. Observing the atmosphere, a thought came to Bill’s mind that he could do much better if he were the owner of the company, by offering a fully transparent service to the clients with a friendly and trustworthy staff and no hidden fee structure; and thus, in 2008, AAA Bill Removalists Sydney was formed with just one truck and only Bill as staff. Even if Bill Chen began the company as just one man, the company grew fast. The operation expanded beyond the Sydney suburbs and to the surrounding cities: Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other.

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