• September 17, 2019
  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

“It’s a long road, so we are just trying to stay focused and grounded and keep moving forward. I’ll take it, though.” –  Sturgill Simpson

Have you upgraded or downsized your current home? Or, are you perhaps spreading your wings by leaving the family residence into your home for the first time?

While the reason for relocating is valid, it is not of specific importance in this context. The most important aspects of this conversation are that you, and perhaps your family, need to pack up and relocate to a new home.

It is also vital to note, at this point, that packing up and moving can be a very stressful time. Moving is ranked among the top anxiety-inducing, stressful life events like divorce, the death of a family member, and sudden unemployment. Therefore, the question that must be asked and answered is how to reduce moving stress levels.

Professional Removalists Sydney

Packing up and moving or hiring a professional removalist?

This question can be further broken down into topics like: Is it preferable to plan and execute a DIY move, or is it better to hire professional removalists in Sydney to pack and move?

The brief answer is that it depends on how much time you have, and how much furniture and household possessions that have to be packed up and moved. Essentially, if you have lots of time, are very organised, and do not have much furniture, it might be worth considering a DIY move.

However, the stress of an impending move, irrespective of the size of the load, might be the limiting factor that swings the pendulum towards hiring a professional Inner West removals company.

Additionally, a standard move can also be broken down into the following elements, irrespective of the time and volume of the furniture and household goods that have to be moved.

Therefore, based on the above discussion, here is a list of these tasks that have to be completed before moving day to help you decide on whether to move or not:

Cleaning and sorting

Based on several standardised cleaning tips before moving, it is vital to sort through all of your possessions before they are packed and wrapped ready to be loaded into the removals truck. The broken, damaged, and unwanted items must be disposed of before the packing process starts. Moving unwanted, unnecessary, and broken items will waste time and add additional financial charges to the overall removal cost.

Cleaning and sorting

Repair damaged or broken furniture

If you have delicate items or antique furniture that you wish to transport to your new residence, it is vital to ensure that each item is in perfect condition; otherwise, there is a risk of further damage to the furniture.

Purchase packing boxes, wrappings, and cladding

Once the furniture and household goods have been prepared for packing, the next step is to buy a wide variety of packing and wrapping materials, including boxes. Everything on the list to be moved must be packed and wrapped correctly.

If you pack yourself, the cost of packing materials and the increased risk of damage during the loading and transport phase need to be taken into account. It might be worth hiring professional removalists in Western suburbs to pack your furniture for moving.

Final words

It is clear from the discourse presented above that moving requires careful planning and forethought before the actual event takes place. Therefore, it is worth considering these tips before house moving before you embark on your new adventure.

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