• February 17, 2020
  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Moving house always means sorting through all your belongings, deciding where it will fit in your new home, and indeed, IF it will fit in your new home. If you’re wondering what to do with some of your unwanted items, we say you should donate at least some of them to charity before your move. You might also be looking for cheap removals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, skilled removals in Inner West or wherever you’re reading this article, and by donating these items BEFORE your move, you can help reduce your costs. 

It Will Go to a Worthy Cause

Some people choose to sell their unwanted items beforehand. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t do this by any means, however, if you knew that your sofa, dining table, bed sheets or whatever it may be, could make a real difference to a less fortunate family. 

It Will Save Items Going to Landfill

I’m hesitant to say something as bold as giving your unwanted items to charity will help save the environment. But… quite frankly it will help. We all know that most items that are thrown away end up in a landfill. If you can give some of your unwanted items to charity, then you might be able to alleviate this issue, even if it is just in your own small part. 

It Will Save You from Having to Move It

One facet of moving house that comes up time and time again is people doing a spring clean before, during, and after their move. We always say that one of the best strategies when moving is to only need to do it before. This is because you then won’t need to move as much, take up valuable box or truck space, and then have to either find a home for it in the new place or watch it continue to collect dust there. 

It’s A Great Opportunity to Streamline Your Possessions

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering and don’t know where to start, consider hiring a decluttering service. These services can help you sort through your belongings, decide what to keep or donate, and organize the remaining items in a way that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a great opportunity to streamline your possessions and create a more peaceful and organized living space. Plus, you can feel good knowing that any items you donate will be given to those in need.

Don’t Be That Person Who Leaves Your Things Behind

There’s nothing worse than moving all your stuff into your new home, only to find that there are still someone else’s unwanted items littering the place. Sometimes this can even cause an issue for settlement – causing payments to be delayed or even a breach of contract. Naturally, this is not something that you likely want to happen, so make sure not to leave anything behind. 

Here Are Some Charities You Can Donate To:

  • Australian Red Cross
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Anglicare
  • The Smith Family
  • Australia for UNHCR

If you want a more comprehensive list, check here

Remember, That The Charity Doesn’t HAVE To Accept, But Don’t Let That Put You Off

Just because you offer the item to a charity, does not mean that they have to say yes. Many charities won’t take a sofa for example if it is overly damaged or has mould. It’s ok, if the item isn’t damaged, then just try another charity. If it is, then take it to the tip. 

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