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How To Move House Plants from One State to Another

How To Move House Plants from One State to Another

It does not matter which state you are moving to and which state you are leaving, the moving process is similar. It is essentially just the distance that is the qualifying criteria between the different interstate moves. As usual, planning is the most critical part of the removals process. The better your plan, the more successful your move.

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Moving house plants interstate

However, there is one caveat that you need to take into account when you are planning your move. It is not a simple matter to pack and move your house plants as it is for the rest of your household goods. According to the InterstateQuarantine.org.au website, “there are restrictions on what you can take as you cross state and quarantine borders within Australia.

In other words, let’s assume you are moving interstate from Sydney to Melbourne, you need to check the quarantine guidelines before deciding which plants to take and which plants to leave behind. This can be a challenging path to navigate; therefore, here are a couple of tips from reliable Balmain Removalists to help you add your plants and flowers to the move.

Obtain the necessary clearance certificates

It is not possible to transport all plants across state lines because of the risk of introducing pests, weeds, and diseases from one region to another. Essentially, Australia has different ecologically sensitive zones that can be destroyed by the introduction of alien plants, diseases, and pests.

Therefore, to transport plants across the state line, you first need to check the quarantine guidelines to see what you can and can’t carry across the state or territory line. Secondly, there will be plants that need a plant health certificate before you can take them into a new area. This certificate will certify that the plant is free of pests, weeds, and diseases. This needs to be completed before you move, so it’s important to add it to your moving to-do list.

Consult your removals company

Quality removalists Sydney to Melbourne will be able to guide you on what plants you can take with you and what you have to leave behind. They will also advise you whether your house plants and flowers are on their do-not-ship list, as they are for most removal companies; however, this does not mean you can’t ship your plants to your new destination. It is possible to move them successfully by taking extra care of them.

Packing your plants

It’s important to prepare your plants for moving a couple of weeks before you move. The plants that are in the ground need to be potted, while the plants that are in clay pots need to be re-potted in sterile soil in plastic pots. It’s a good idea to do this fairly early to ensure that the plant adjusts to its new container.

It is also a good idea to source boxes that the pots will fit in securely. Additionally, add bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing paper to each box between the pot and the sides of the box. This will ensure that the pot won’t move during transit.

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Final words

In summary, the most important part of a move is to ensure that you ensure that you have cheap Interstate Removalists from Bill Removalists Sydney to help you plan and execute your move of all your household goods, including your plants successfully.

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