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When it comes time to move, you may be a little less worried about your soft couch arriving in one piece as you are your antique piano. Musical instruments are complex and somewhat fragile items, so learning how to move musical instruments in Australia is crucial to avoid damage during a trip across the country.

From bubble wrap to packing peanuts and the right positioning in the truck, there are many vital elements to ensure the safety of your instruments. The moving experts at Bill Removalists Sydney have all of the steps to safeguard your instruments in transit. Read the guide below to learn some essential tips.

Which packing materials do you need?

The main packing materials you will need when learning how to move musical instruments in Australia are as follows:

  • A hard case for instruments (where possible)
  • Moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Packing tape
  • Tension rods
  • Various other packing supplies like old towels and sheets to create extra padding
Our expert team will make sure that you have access to the correct packing boxes and moving process to keep your instruments safe.

How to move a piano

When it comes to your piano, we strongly recommend using expert piano removalists like the team at Bill Removalists Sydney, who train their employees to move these specific instruments safely. This means you won’t have to worry about the well-being of your piano during the moving process.

Some steps you can take to prepare for the move are:

  • Close and lock the lid
  • Take off any removable parts
  • Provide blankets and bubble wrap secured with packing tape
  • Use additional wrapping on any legs and pedals

An expert team like ours will do all of the above, but you can save time by getting a start on the move with the steps above.

How to move a drum set

Your drum set only requires some simple protection to go along with its pre-existing cases. First, use a box that is a couple of inches larger than the drum, then pad the sides, top, and bottom using bubble wrap.

 If you have larger percussion instruments, you will require professional movers to relocate them in a similar fashion to the piano to ensure they arrive safely.

How to move guitars

If you have a hard case for your guitar, you can avoid packing it in an extra carton. However, it is a good idea to go the extra mile and pack the guitar inside the case in packing paper to ensure it doesn’t move around inside the case over a long distance.

Wrap the hard cases in a padded moving blanket, so the outside is also protected. If you only have soft cases or no case at all, wrap the guitar completely in bubble wrap before putting it in a carton or crate. Straps and other accessories can be removed, and it is important that you also loosen the strings slightly.

how to move musical instruments
From packing brass to delicate woodwind instruments, Bill Removalists Sydney can ensure complete safety every time.

Moving other instruments

For all other instruments, like cello or woodwind instruments, the process will depend on their size. Professional packing and padding techniques can be applied in order to ensure that they are not damaged while moving.

Whilst similar to the processes above, relying on a professional removalist team is the surefire way to ensure the complete protection of these expensive items.

Wrapping musical instruments: Tricks & Tips

Our main tip for packing musical instruments is to hire a reputable relocation service to handle your precious collectables. Not all instruments need to be treated the same way, but you should never wing it.

Some other tips and tricks include:

  • Ask the movers about special packing supplies
  • Set up a schedule including the exact date, time and location you expect your valuables to go to
  • List your instruments if there are many
  • Ensure that there is little to no movement in any of your cases or boxes

Why consider a professional moving company?

With a team of professionals, you have access to tried and proven moving processes that have delivered many other instruments safely. Just as we would rather a trained musician play the violin compared to an amateur, you should want to trust your expensive items to people who know how to take the finest care of them when moving.

Professionals have access to all of the necessary gear and packing supplies and can apply their trained knowledge to the situation to determine which process will be best suited to your needs.

Why use Bill Removalists’ Services?

The highly trained team at Bill Removalists Sydney has many years of experience helping people move all around Australia. We have a particular skill set when it comes to moving instruments and can offer safe and reliable transit at a cost-effective price.

It is our goal to ensure that your move is not only a stress-free experience but also a complete success.

To do this, we will provide you with a detailed plan of how we will care for your belongings and work quickly but carefully to get you set up in your new space ASAP. Contact our experts for a quote today, and see just how easy it is to move with Bills.


Do you have some more questions that were not answered above? They may be covered in this helpful FAQ section:

How do you pack an instrument for moving?

The best way to pack an instrument for moving and safely transport it to your new home is by ensuring that there is a minimal movement for the instrument during transit. No matter if you are moving string instruments or brass instruments, it is important to ensure that they are in hard cases or boxes, with extra padding to reduce movement within these containers while driving.

This can include wrapping a guitar headstock in blankets inside of the case or trying to disassemble where possible. Ultimately the best solution is to acquire the help of professional moving services who can help with packing, the move and unpacking.

How do you wrap an instrument?

The best way to wrap an instrument will be determined by the instrument itself. Whether you are dealing with a grand piano or stringed instruments the key is to take extra care with layers of bubble wrap. Be it large instruments or a music stand, the more padding you can give it, the better.

What is the best way to go about moving a piano?

The best way to go about moving a piano is to get a moving quote from Bill Removalists Sydney. Our professionals are specifically trained piano movers who can ensure quality packing or both larger and smaller instruments. With a reliable moving company, you will enjoy peace of mind in knowing your belongings are completely safe.

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