• May 12, 2020
  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Important Tips for Safety Moving During Covid-19 Pandemic

Moving house is almost never a walk in the park. However, when you throw a lockdown, the fear of a virus, economic disarray, and social distancing into the mix, it can easily become a real pressure cooker. I’ve put together some tips for you to keep your house move both safe and as peaceful as possible. 

Plan and Research What Money Needs to Be Spent

House moves are, generally speaking, not cheap to do. Safety can come in the form of physical safety but also, financial safety (that’s why it’s called being financially secure). Step number one for your move has to be to find affordable removalists in Sydney. Using a removalist anytime, especially now, is a no-brainer when you consider all the factors. But it doesn’t need to be a removalist that will break your bank. 

Pack Your Own Boxes

You don’t have to do this by any means, but I would recommend it – not least as you know what will go in what box. But in this environment, it means that only the outside of the boxes will come into contact with anybody that’s not you and your immediate family – making the personal items on the insides less likely to become contaminated. With this in mind, I also recommend contacting your removalist in advance of the move in order to get the packing materials before moving – that way you can ensure to optimise the time on the day of the move.

Make Sure Your Removalist Use Correct Gloves/ PPE Where Required

Making Sure That You Keep to Social Distancing

Handling your sofa or dining table is not the issue here – it’s making sure that you don’t have to do a full hose down or surface spray of all of your bigger furniture or heavy appliances at the other end of the move. Most removalists in Western suburbs will use gloves during this time anyway – but it’s always good to follow up on this to ensure that the only skin your stuff comes into contact with is your own. 

Ultimately, 1.5 metres worth of space is not that much – when you consider that the average height of adults is 1.75 metres. So just ensure that your removalists can come in and move your stuff without needing to come within this space. And importantly, if you are showing symptoms, then consider postponing your move, if you can. 

Tips for Safety Moving

Contactless is Always a Bonus

Try your best to use a cashless payment method – bank transfer or card payment will probably be available – but try asking this before you book it in to make sure it can be done. Sometimes we want to shake hands after a job well done or payment is made – however, this may not be the best idea currently. 

You Can Always Use Plastic Wrap on Furniture

Plastic wrap, which you can imagine as giant cling wrap, is great to use on furniture like sofas or mattresses for a move anyway (keeping dirt, dust, and some moisture off the item), but especially now. All removalists should be using gloves and face masks, however, for that added level of protection, consider wrapping up your furniture in this great moving item. 

If Moving Interstate, Check That State Government’s Website

Always check the guidelines around the move, most importantly, on whether you will be required to isolate after the move. At the time of writing, most states don’t currently say you do, but Queensland does. I suggest you take a look at your state’s websites, both where you are moving to and from if interstate. 

Other than these tips, everything is virtual business as usual. You will find that moving house should be no more or less stressful than usual, especially when following these tips. Happy hunting out there!

Bill Chen

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