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How to settle a cat when moving house in Australia

So you are moving into a new house and your cat is understandably a little freaked out. That’s normal!

To save the day and learn how to settle a cat, how long to keep cats inside when moving, and how to keep your cat from running away – this article is a must-read. 

After dealing with lots of cats, the removal experts at Bill Removalists Sydney have all of the answers. 

How to settle a cat when moving house?

When it comes to settling a cat when moving house, there are several options. We recommend that you follow these helpful steps:

Step 1: Dedicate an indoor cat room

When you move both to the new and old place, it’s best to work in small stages, so your cat doesn’t get nervous. When you are packing and moving things, or already arrived in the new place, for your cat it will be easier if you leave it in one room. Set up a bed, litter tray and some food, and create a stress-free environment.

Step 2: Prepare the space before your cat arrives

For the above-mentioned cat room and the rest of your home, prepare in advance. Set up everything your cat needs and be ready for their arrival to help your cat feel instantly comfortable in the new environment.

Ensuring your feline is comfortable in your new home requires preparation. Set up a cat-friendly space to welcome your pet into.

Step 3: Transport your cat with a cat carrier

A good carrier gives your cat a level of security, making travel less stressful for your pet and you. Transporting without a carrier can be dangerous and creates a serious risk of your cat making a fearful dash.

Step 4: Make sure all doors are closed when you first let your cat out

After your trip, your cat will very likely be a little freaked out! Be sure to keep the doors close when you let them out of the carrier so they don’t run outside and onto the road.

Step 5: Comfort your cat with some food

If Garfield the cat has taught us anything, it’s that cats love food! Create a calming and comfortable environment for your cat by offering some treats as soon as they are released from the carrier. This will help show the cat that this new environment is a positive one.

Step 6: Aim for three days in one room

Your designated home cattery room should be the only exposure your cat has to the new environment for roughly three days. You can do this sooner if you have an older cat or it is clear that your cat is comfortable with the new surroundings.

Keeping your cat in one room only for around three days will help it get used to its new surroundings and feel more comfortable.

Step 7: Keep your cat indoors for two weeks

Keeping your car safe involves keeping the cat flap closed for about two weeks if you have a pet that is used to going outside. The first time that your cat does go outdoors will be much easier if they are used to and comfortable with the rest of the house.

Step 8: Register your cat

We strongly recommend that every responsible cat owner registers their cat. When it comes time for your pet to head outside, things will be much easier if they do get lost in the new streets of your current home.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Going Back To Their Old Home

Your cat will want to head back to the old house which offers familiarity. Keep your cat safe with artificial pheromone sprays and diffusers around the new house. Your vet will have access to and recommendations for these products. These mimic the scent from a cats facial glands, depositing the cat’s own scent on the new surroundings, helping them to feel at home.

How to keep an outdoor cat from running away when you move

Feeding your cat daily and keep water bowls in the same spot is a great way to keep it from running away post-move. If your cat understands that the new location is where a regular food source comes from, it will be less likely to want to leave it.

Bill Removalists Sydney can make your move less stressful for you and your pet! Ask about how we can help today.

How Bill Removalist Sydney Can Help You?

As the experts in removals, the team at Bill Removalists Sydney can make your move efficient and safe while you focus on helping your cat settle. Remove the stress of a move and make sure all of your possessions, inclusive of any furry family members, are moved in the safest way. Contact our team for a competitive quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some more questions that were not answered above? They may be covered in this helpful FAQ section:

How do I let my cat outside after moving?

Wait at least two weeks after you move before allowing your cat to go outside. This is how to settle a cat after moving house and will give them enough time to relax and develop an attachment to the new territory.

How can I calm my stressed cat after moving?

To calm a stressed cat after a move: 

  1. Keep items with familiar smells around your cat
  2. Use pheromone products 
  3. Ensure the space is cat-friendly and safe

Should I leave my cat alone after moving?

Whether or not you can leave your cat alone after a move depends on the personality of your cat. Some cats enjoy the company of their owners and can become anxious when left alone, others will like their solitary time. Your cat’s usual behaviour will indicate which of these two categories they fall into.

How long does it take for a cat to get used to a new home?

The amount of time that it takes a cat to get used to a new home after a move can vary. Usually, it will need roughly two weeks to acclimatise to the new space and become comfortable. This can be helped along with cat toys, familiar smells and plenty of treats.

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