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Packing Ideas for an Easy Relocation

Packing Ideas for an Easy Relocation

The process of packing can take longer than anticipated so it is always a good idea to allow Packing ideas for an easy relocation yourself plenty of time to complete the task, perhaps even a few weeks prior to moving out. There are many approaches that can be taken in order to make the process simpler. Listed below will be couple of useful tips to help speed up the process.

  • Packing method

The first tip that will come in handy is to consider how to pack your possessions. For instance, spending couple of minutes in each room to roughly decide the amount of boxes required will save you from the headache of running out of packing supplies. Also, note down if any items will need extra care such as glass or expensive items. For this, you might need to buy some bubble wrap.

  • Reducing clutter

Another simple yet effective idea is to pack up your belongings directly from the kitchen cupboard or wardrobes in your bedroom. This will reduce the clutter that will be caused by emptying out the content first.

  • Packing in boxes

When packing, place the heavier items in the bottom of the box, followed by lighter items at the top. If it is possible, try to fill the box to the top, without making it too heavy. Half-filled boxes might weaken when stacked on top of each other; this can result in items being damaged.

  • Labeling and organising

Make a note of what you are putting into the box so you don’t lose track. Also, labelling the content of the box on the outside will help to identify it. In addition to this, it is time-saving to write a note on each box that clearly instructs the removal team which room it should be placed in. Marking ‘fragile’ on boxes that contain glass items or plates etc, will allow the house removal team to take extra care during relocation. Avoid packing items from different rooms into the same box, as might slow down the process of unpacking.

  • Furniture preparations

Furniture that has been self-assembled such as beds and wardrobes will not be easy to move. Try to make arrangements to get it dismantled and then reassembled within your new house.

  • Documents and valuables

Remember to keep important documents such as any house documents or marriage and birth certificates safe. Buy a specific folder to group them all together so you are aware of where they are.

  • Packing the essentials

It is always a sensible idea to pack away an ‘essentials’ box the night before you move. This box could contain any snacks or breakfast essentials such as tea, coffee, mugs, plastic plates, medication, etc. This will save you the trouble of rummaging away through other boxes to find the necessary items once you have moved in.

Once you have relocated to your new home and unpacked everything, take out some time to dismantle the cardboard boxes so that they can be recycled, rather than throwing them out.

  • Padding your items

Wrap any valuable items or pieces of crockery in a bundle of packing paper/newspaper. Use bubble wrap if items need extra padding. Packing plates on their sides is a safer solution than laying them flat.

  • Food concerns

If you haven’t managed to eat your way through the content within your fridge and freezer, take out the food items and defrost them the day before. Make arrangements for your first evening meal at your friendly removalists Chippendale as new place. Cooking on the first day will be a little difficult as everything will be packed away. Treating yourself and the family to a take-away dinner can make the situation less stressful.

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