• September 15, 2016
  • Bill Chen

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Working from home can have its advantages, no question. And for those nine-to-fivers locked in the inflexible demands of a corporate environment, the prospect of an independent working life run from home is high on the wish list.

But it also has its drawbacks. Some of the downsides include the loneliness of the solo working day; constant domestic interruption; the temptation to fritter away the day on time-wasting minutiae; and the lack of logistical support systems. And let’s not forget the phenomenon of ‘office creep’ – in the form of your ever-expanding storage needs busting out on all sides.

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Before moving your home operations to commercial premises, here’s 9 key things to consider.

If your small home office has clearly outgrown its start-up nest, or the isolation of working from home is getting to you, it might be time to look at taking the leap and moving your operations to commercial premises. Before you do, here are 9 key things to consider:

1. Can you afford to move?

Before initiating anything, first, do a proper financial costing to see how much extra per month your move will cost you. Take into account the obvious expenses like lease/bond, extra petrol, and kitting out the office with furniture and equipment. But also don’t forget to include the moving-in expenses, technical set-ups like internet transfer/landline reconnections and all the other overlooked costs.

2. What is the right location for your business?

This will depend to a large extent on the type of business you’re in. Do you need a more central premise that is easily accessible for your customer base or warehousing needs? Or will something a little off-the-beaten-track suit you better?

3. Are you prepared for the lifestyle change?

Unless you’re lucky enough to find suitable premises on your doorstep, you’re probably going to have to reconcile yourself to a certain amount of daily travelling across town. That early commute through the traffic can be a real shock to the system at first. Expect your day to get a lot longer and fuller – but don’t worry, you’ll soon adjust to the change in pace.

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Are you prepared for the lifestyle change?

4. What kind of office should you look for?

The right space is a crucial component of your working life and should facilitate your productivity not hinder it. Decide what kind of office environment would work best for you and your business. Whether you join the growing hot desk trend, opt for an independent office in a building with shared facilities like a copier and front-desk receptionist, or acquire your own branded building, the options are all yours.

5. Should you lease or should you buy?

Both have their advantages, depending on factors such as your financial leverage, whether your need for space is short- or long-term, and so on. For those more cash-strapped, leasing often makes good sense, since it’s a shorter-term commitment that allows you to occupy good premises at cost-effective rates, and gives more flexibility in decision-making as the business grows. Buying your own gives a different kind of security, the freedom to brand your space as you choose, and the chance to earn on your investment in various ways.

6. Is it necessary to get professional movers to help you move?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Hiring the services of a reputable and established removalist in Sydney is definite to lessen the stress of your relocation. Aside from saving you the heavy physical labour, they know all the pitfalls and can be invaluable support on the day. Remember to book them well in advance.

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Hiring the services of a reputable and established removalist is a definite to lessen the stress of your relocation.

7. Should you stay open for business while you’re moving?

Only if you want to give yourself/your staff a nervous breakdown! No matter how well prepared you try to be, moving offices with the help of Inner West removals is a time-consuming effort, filled with inevitable bumps and glitches along the way. Treat the move as you would any other non-breakable appointment. Type MOVING DAY into your calendar in big bold letters and keep it clear of any other appointments and agendas.

8. When should you let your customers know you’ll be moving?

Put out the word way in advance that you’ll be relocating to new premises and add the new address and other details to your email signature. Send out a business card with your new contacts and location to everyone in your address book. On the actual moving day attach an auto-response to your incoming mail that reminds people you’re moving and when business operations will resume.

9. What’s a good way to attract customers to the new premises?

Bring out the champagne! An office warming, formal or informal, is a great way to warm up the new space for you, your staff and your clients and make the transition feel less daunting. Allow yourself sufficient time to get organized and smooth out the teething problems. Then send out the invites. It will make your customers feel invested in your new business home from the start.

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