• December 21, 2020
  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Pets and plants can be the hardest, often overlooked part of moving. Some plants don’t take well to being moved, and many pets can also become distressed with their new surroundings too. With that in mind, it’s really important to consider some of these factors and how efficient removalists in Randwick or North Sydney, or Marrickville can help with this process. 

Here are the areas where your Sutherland or Baulkham Hills removals company will help.

They Pack Them Properly

This includes packing them the correct way up during the journey, but also out of the heat that will dry them out too fast or cause them to burn. They will make sure the large pots are wedged upright so they don’t fall and loose soil spills or even worse – flowers/leaves get damaged or stems snap. This attention to detail is especially important when it comes to delicate plants or trees, which may require specialized care or even specialized equipment for their safe removal. Professional movers with experience in plant removals can provide this specialized care and ensure that your plants arrive at your new home healthy and thriving.

If There’s a Long Move, They Can Stop and Tend to Them

This may include giving them a drink on hotter days or simply just checking in to make sure all is well. 

Using Flatbed Trolleys

Often damage can be caused to plants simply on the way out of the front door! By using flatbed trolleys rather than pure physical lifting (which is sometimes awkward for plants with bits sticking out at all angles), you can be sure that your plant will be well looked after on its way to your new digs. 

There are several ways that you can help in moving with plants yourself too, and one of the best ways is to take any particularly fragile ones in your vehicle if possible. Pets can also be tricky to move with, and here’s how your removalists can help with them too. 

Moving all your other belongings

Firstly, moving with pets is made far simpler when you don’t have to move any of your other items. Pets can sometimes be hyperactive, or scared and curious when moving. If you can get your pet in your vehicle with minimal fuss and other items to move, it’s a much simpler task. 

Advice on How to Move with Pets

Removalists do this day in and day out. Any advice you need on the best way to approach it, they can help. One big tip is to ensure that for moving day itself, you get a friend or family member to pet-sit. This is because you are usually trying to remember 1000 things at once, whilst the removalists are in and out with the front door often left open. 

We also suggest trying to allow your pet time before the move to get the feel and smell of the new place. It helps on day one of the moves – this is because everything will smell different and this can cause stress in some pets. You don’t want your pet attempting a runner or being so stressed they become ill shortly after the move. 

Plants and pets are living beings, and as living beings, they can get “upset” so to speak if disturbed or having an environmental change. Moving is about as stressful a task as there is even for us humans who have complex emotions and logical thoughts. A little bit of consideration and thought and your move will be no problem at all!

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