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Things To Do Before Moving House

There are many transitions in life, and it’s during these times that we are able to move on to new chapters. If you are preparing to move into a new home or office, you are probably experiencing high stress levels as you have a number of added responsibilities in addition to your daily routine. Whether the move is not for several months or just around the corner, there are some moving out of home tips from a reliable removalists Western suburbs that will make the process a much smoother one.


Getting Your Mail

One of the last places movers think to make aware they are relocating is Royal Mail or SOS Mail. In today’s age, it is more important than ever to ensure your personal information is protected. Fortunately, letting them know to redirect your mail can be done far enough in advance to best ensure your mail arrives where only you will see it. You can have it redirected as far as 12 months in advance, and there will be a small fee associated with the service.

Don’t Forget Your Perishables

When considering tips for moving house, one many fail to consider is that the food in their freezer is perishable. Depending on the distance of your move, it is possible your freezer items will spoil before they’re able to be relocated at the new address. About a week or two before the move, start incorporating your current frozen food items into the menu until they are all used up. Another option would be to contact a friend or relative willing to store these items for you until you are settled into your new location.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Children are imaginative and energetic. While these traits are conducive toward learning new concepts and exploring the world around them, they can be very counterproductive during the course of a move. In order to ensure they don’t slow down the process, arrange for childcare in advance. You will be too busy packing, transporting, and unpacking boxes to provide your little ones the attention they need.

Transferring Utilities

Among the valuable moving house tips you will want to employ include transferring your utilities to the new location. Starting new service often involves paying a deposit, and this can become expensive. However, you usually don’t have to worry about this added expense if you are able to transfer existing service, and the process is simple. You can normally have everything set up over one phone call. Among the companies to call include:

  • Gas company
  • Electric company
  • Cable company
  • Phone provider
  • Internet provider

Take final meter readings

Home removal is not cheap, but there are tips for moving house that can save you money. For starters, take a final meter reading at the old location to ensure you only pay for the service you use. Also, follow up with your service providers once the move is complete to ensure you are indeed no longer paying for service at the old address.

Spread the Word
You are likely a loyal customer of a bank, insurance company, building society, or other organisation which has access to your personal and financial information. It is of high importance that you include contacting them on your moving out of home tips to-do list. Even if you do business with them in person or online, they will eventually send correspondence through the mail, and your private information can quickly fall into the wrong hands, putting you at risk of identity theft and other fraud.

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