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Tips on Moving House Interstate With Your Pet

Tips on Moving House Interstate With Your Pet

If you are a pet parent and are about to move to a new city, state or country, you should give a lot of consideration to your removal’s effect on your pet. Pets are likely to get confused and anxious with a move and arrival in an altogether new environment. Therefore you should see to it that they are comfortable during and after your move. Here are tips for moving house with your pet.

Tips for Moving If You have a Cat:


If you will be moving interstate or abroad, it’s recommended that you familiarise your cat with her/his travel crate well ahead of time. Don’t forget to make this introduction a fun, so that when the actual removal time arrives, the cat won’t be scared.

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During Packing and Actual Moving

Keep in mind to keep your cat in a separate secure room or her/his crate when Central Coast removalist company’s people arrive because if it sees those people and their activities, it can get highly stressed up.

To keep the cat away from their activities is the best way to prevent the cat’s stress and also avoid accidental packing of the cat.

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After Arrival in Your New Destination

Before taking your cat out in the new destination, ensure that all the strangers (Marrickville Removalists, visitors and friends) have left your place; this will make the situation less stressful for the cat. It’s advisable to introduce the cat slowly to the new place, for example by starting with a small, cozy room.

Preferably let the cat “have” this room for herself/himself and give food and water to the cat there, and let her/him sleep comfortably in there.

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While introducing your cat to the rest of the house, ensure that all doors and windows are closed. Don’t forget also to cover the open fireplaces if there are any, as cats are likely to use them as their hiding spots.

If still your cat looks stressed up with the move, consult your vet to use a pheromone spray to calm them.

Tips for Moving If You have a Dog:


Similar to cats, dogs too should be familiarised with her/his travel crate well before the travel and in a fun way, so that the moving becomes fun for the dog.

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After Arrival in Your New Destination

At times, it’s more difficult to move dogs than cats, because dogs are emotionally very much involved in their home turf. To make your dog settle soon in the new environment, you should start the settling process as soon as possible.

First start walking your dog once in a day, preferably in the morning and on the same road every day. This will make her/him acquainted with the new area and its odors, and also will help the extra energy to burn off and stress levels to come down. This will help you in the long run when you will be out in the day.

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While Settling In

While you may be tempted to buy new accessories and toys for your doggy to celebrate the arrival in the new house, it’s advisable to refrain from this, as the old and familiar items will lessen the stress and help her/him to settle down soon.

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Behavioural Problems

If there is any behavioural problem, like excessive barking or digging, you better try identifying the cause. Is the dog bored? Or is s/he suffering from separation anxiety? If you cannot get success in rectifying the problem with training and exercise, consulting your vet would is the best thing to do.

Take Due Precautionary Measures

After settling in your new home, when you would first release your dog or cat, take due precautionary measures, like:

  • Ensure that the fences in the garden are secure
  • Ensure that the garden beds don’t have any poisonous pesticides left by the former owner
  • Be sure to remove all old bones or other eatables which your pet may be tempted to chew
  • Don’t forget to make your pet wear a collar and identification tag with your new phone number on it. You should have your pet registered with complete address information, so that in case if the pet is lost, people who find it may contact you easily.

And of course, you should let things take their own time. In case of any problem, a travel consultant like Bill Removalists Sydney who is a home and office removalist too, would happily help you.

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