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10 Best Tips On Moving Your Dog to a New Home

10 Best Tips On Moving Your Dog to a New Home

Moving house soon? Wondering the best way to get your pet dog from A to B, and get settled well? It may not be as hard as you think.

1. Get your reliable Eastern suburbs or your trusted Baulkham Hills removalists to help with the big ticket items, whilst you can give your pup one on one attention during the move itself. 

Moving Your Dog to a New Home

2. Pack Your Dog’s Things Last

After you’ve packed the rest of the house, then you should pack away your dog’s toys, cushions etc. Key things as routine and normal for them as possible, for as long as possible. This way, they can also be occupied with their toys whilst you do the hard work of packing. 

3. Wait a Couple of Weeks Before Washing Your Dog’s Mat

Moving into a new place comes with a lot of new smells. To avoid overloading your pup, let the familiar smells of his/ her sleeping mat still be around for a while to help settle. 

4. If Possible, Visit Your New Home with Your Dog Before Move in Day

Help your dog get familiarised with their new territory. This relates to how moving affects mental health. It’s not just humans who can suffer from mental health issues, animals can too, especially in new surroundings. Help your beloved canine settle by introducing them to the new home as early as possible. 

5. Try To Keep To Your Routine

Dogs have a bit of an inbuilt clock. They know when it’s the usual time for walks, and for meals. Moving house can often throw our routines out of whack and that is another part of why it’s such a stressful time. Try to still give walks and meals for your puppy at the same times!

6. Don’t Leave Your Dog Home Alone for the First Couple of Days

Depending on your dog, he/ she may get quite anxious if being left in unfamiliar surrounds alone straightaway. Try to aim the move for a time when you have a weekend or a few days off ideally. 

7. Make Sure To Utilise Treats Well

Encourage good behaviour and positive feelings from your dog by rewarding with treats when needed. This will help your pup to feel good, and behave well when you need him/ her to. 

Tips On Moving Your Dog to a New Home

8. Get the Moving Boxes Early, and Don’t Try to Keep Your Dog Away from Them

You can contact your Inner West removals company or local removalist to provide boxes way ahead of time. This will in turn get your dog to get used to what they are. 

9. When Doing the Big Packing/ Moving Job, Try to Keep the Dog Away

It could be unsettling for your pup to see all your items (and the items from your dog’s home) become invisible, or taped up. The less he/ she sees of this part, the better. Also, on move day itself, to prevent your dog from going haywire with all the movers from your Inner West removalists and everything going on, see if a friend, neighbour, or family member can dogsit for a few hours or so. 

10. Be Patient, and Shower Your Puppy With Love

Unlike cats, dogs tend to adapt more quickly to their surroundings. Cats, especially older outdoor cats, often struggle with moves. Be sure to have patience with your dog as he/ she settles into the new digs, and keep the air of positivity by showering affection upon him/ her. This will help create reinforce positive feelings and your dog will respond well to this. 

Follow these steps and you’re sure to settle into your new digs with your wonderful dogs!

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