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  • Bill Chen

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Moving to a new home or office requires careful planning and solid execution to ensure a successful, cost-efficient move. Otherwise, the relocation effort can (and probably will) spiral out of control and end up wasting time, energy, and money. Therefore, it is advisable to start the removal process by hiring trustworthy removalists in Inner West, Sydney, Australia.

Once you have decided on which removalist company to employ, the next step is to consider packing up your household or office furniture, appliances, and electronic devices.

This step also requires careful consideration. Therefore, here are several points to consider before starting to pack the items in boxes:

Trustworthy Removalists in Inner West

Decide which items to keep, donate, or throw away

The Becoming Minimalist blog notes that there are 300 000 items in the average American home. And there are over 50 000 residential storage facilities in the USA. Also, research has shown that the average British 10-year-old child owns circa 238 toys, but only plays with 12 of them every day. In summary, the modern global citizen collects a lot of “stuff”, most of it either unused or no longer used.

Furthermore, moving to a new home or office costs money. Ergo, the more articles that need to be transported to your new location, the higher the cost. Thus, it is wise to check through all of your appliances and electronic devices to determine which are broken, superfluous to your current needs, and which items you need to pack. The non-essential items can then be recycled or donated to charity.

Prepare for packing

Once you have decided which devices and appliances to keep, the next step is to determine which items need to be repaired before being packed. It is not a good idea to pack and transport broken appliances or electronic devices.


There are a couple of reasons for this statement:

Broken and damaged goods are likely to break more during transit.

It is not always possible to fix broken appliances cost-effectively. It might be worth considering recycling the damaged item and buying a new one once you have reached your destination. You will then save on transport costs which can be added to the new item’s budget.

Professional Removalists Sydney

Decide who is packing up your home or office

The decision to consider whether it is preferable to move yourself or hire a professional removalist is not to be made lightly. Not only are there cost implications, but there are also time and effort implications.

However, this is not the only decision to be made. You can hire a professional removalist to load and move your possessions to your new location. But you can pack up your home or office yourself. Or, you can hire a professional Sydney removalist to pack, move, and unpack your possession at your destination.

As mentioned above, this decision needs to be made based on affordability and time metrics.

Furthermore, should you decide to pack yourself, you need to buy plenty of packing materials like boxes, cladding, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials. On the other hand, if your friendly removalists in Western Sydney pack up your possessions, they will provide the packing materials.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the most significant task that involves moving your home or office to a new location is making the necessary decisions. Once these decisions have been taken, it’s a simple matter to enact them. If you make the best decisions for yourself regarding packing and moving your electronic devices and appliances, you will find that the move will not be as stressful as initially anticipated.

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