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Top Storage Tips You Need To Know Before Moving

“I have about 4 million Lego bricks. And then a few million in storage in case something comes up. I still pay for them. I buy my bricks just like everyone else. It’s by far my biggest capital expense.” – Nathan Sawaya

Are you considering moving your home or office to a new location? Or, do you perhaps have to move to a new venue? The reasons for moving do not matter. The reality is that sometimes you have to relocate your home (or office), and every so often you can choose whether you want to move or not.

Once you have determined that a move is either beneficial or necessary, the next step is to work out dates and times for your move. Further to this point, it is imperative to consult your trusted removalists Inner West for guidance and help with planning moving dates.

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The probability of requiring storage before you move

There is not always a 100% guarantee that you will be able to move directly into your new premises after you have vacated your current home (or office). There is a realistic chance that you will have to store your furniture for a set period of time before your new residential or business residency becomes available.

Consequently, the pertinent point here is that it is vital to ensure that your furniture (and other possessions) are not damaged while in storage.

As an aside, occasionally, your new residence or business premises might be too small for all of your belongings. This is when it is also a good idea to consider putting some of your furniture into storage (as per the quotation mentioned above by Nathan Sawaya).

Top Storage Tips to consider

Therefore, here are several top storage tips to consider when packing up your office (and household) furniture:

Sort through your possessions

Before moving your home office to business premises, it’s important to sort through all of your furniture (and belongings) to determine what you need to keep, what you can donate to charities or sell to second-hand shops, and what you should throw away. The fact of the matter is that storing (and moving) your furniture costs money; therefore, it is vital to ensure that you store only the items you need to keep.

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Pack properly

Once you have decided what you need to keep, the next step is to determine which items are delicate and which items will survive more robust handling. Fragile items need to be packed with the correct packing materials, claddings, and wrappings and removalists Rozelle will ensure that they are not damaged when in storage (and during the move).

Furthermore, it makes sense to pack up your furniture and possessions securely when they are moved from your home (or office) into storage. Ergo, they will not need to be repacked when transferred from the storage unit to your new location.

Determine the type of storage unit you need

The answer to the question of what type of storage you require is determined merely by the kind of possessions that need to go into storage. For example, do your delicate and antique belongings need a temperature-controlled environment?

Moreover, if your possessions are being stored for an extended period, it is essential to consider the effect of the external climate such as the humidity (or lack thereof) on your furniture.

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