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Moving to a new home is exciting, but the task of unpacking can often feel overwhelming. However, with the right strategy, you can turn this daunting process into an efficient and stress-free experience.

Here are some top tips for unpacking after a move that will help you settle into your new space smoothly.

tips for unpacking after a move

Here are Bills Removalist Sydney’s top tips for unpacking after a move so you are settled into your new home in no time at all!

Create a plan for unpacking after a move

Before diving into unpacking, take a moment to create a plan and organise your boxes. Here are a few tips on how to unpack quickly after a move:

  • Decide which rooms to unpack first, starting with the important rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Ensure all boxes are labelled with their contents and the room they should go into.
  • As you move your packing or cardboard boxes into your new home, place them in the right room.
  • Make sure you get the family involved, whether cleaning, unpacking the most important rooms or the kids can set up their bedroom.

Clean the space

Whether it’s a newly built property or a previously occupied home, a thorough cleaning can make a world of difference. Here are some key reasons to prioritise deep cleaning:

  • Health: Eliminate dust, dirt, and allergens to improve indoor air quality and prevent sickness.
  • Comfort: A clean home is more comfortable and welcoming, allowing you to relax and feel at ease from day one.
  • Focus on high-risk areas: Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, where germs are most prevalent.

Deep cleaning your new home before moving day is crucial for a healthy and comfortable living environment. Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself, ensure your space is clean and ready for your new chapter.

tips for unpacking after a move

Tips for unpacking after a move: Start fresh in your new home by cleaning each room before moving in. A clean space sets the stage for a comfortable, healthy, and happy living environment.

Place the furniture first

Setting up your furniture before you start unpacking gives your room structure and a layout, before filling in the finer details with all your other belongings. Once your big pieces are in place in the important spaces such as the dining room, lounge room and bedrooms, figuring out where to put all your other stuff becomes a breeze.

Start with the essentials

Starting with the essentials is the key to a smooth transition into your new home. Focus on unpacking the most important items you’ll need right away, like toiletries, toilet paper, bedding, kitchenware and of course the coffee maker. Having these essentials at hand will make your first few days much more comfortable and stress-free. Once you have the basics sorted, you’ll feel more settled and ready to tackle the rest of the unpacking at your own pace.

Focus on one room at a time

Tackling one room at a time will stop you from feeling overwhelmed during the unpacking process. By concentrating on a single area, you can give your full attention to arranging and setting up each space just the way you like it. This approach not only keeps things manageable but also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you see each room come together.

tips for unpacking after a move

Tips for unpacking after a move: Finish setting up each room before moving on to the next. This makes moving smoother and more efficient.

Don’t rush

Remember, unpacking doesn’t have to be completed in one day. Set realistic goals and take your time to ensure everything is organised properly. This will help you create a space that feels like home.

Wrapping up your unpacking journey

With a plan and strategy, unpacking after moving into your new house doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start by sketching out a plan that outlines your unpacking priorities and other essentials once the moving truck has delivered your belongings.

Tackle the process one room at a time to keep things manageable and maintain focus, remember, there’s no need to rush! Taking your time ensures that everything finds its perfect place. By following these tips for unpacking after a move, you’ll comfortably settle into your new home before you know it.


What is the best way to unpack after moving?

The best way to unpack is to start with a plan, prioritise essentials, and tackle one room at a time. This organised approach helps you set up your new home efficiently and without missing any important items.

How many days does it take to unpack after moving?

How long it takes you to unpack depends on several things:

  • If you are doing it yourself
  • If a family member or friend is helping
  • If you hire professional movers
  • How much stuff you have

On average, it will take a few days to several weeks to get fully unpacked and have your space feel like a home. However, it’s important to take it at your own pace and not rush the process.

How do I unpack without being overwhelmed?

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, break down the unpacking process into smaller, manageable tasks. Focus on one room or one type of item at a time. Take regular breaks to rest and reflect on your progress. And don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends or family if you need it. Remember, it’s okay to take your time and make sure everything is just right in your new home.

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