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Week Day vs Weekend Moves – Which Is Better?

Are you considering moving to a new state? Or are you perhaps only moving to a new city within the same state that you currently reside. If so, there are a number of questions that need to be asked and answered; one of which is whether it is better to move on over a weekend or preferably on a week day.

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As usual, there isn’t a simple, straightforward answer. The fact of the matter is that moving is stressful and challenging, even if it is an easy move. It is ranked amongst one of the top most stressful life events, right up there with marriage, the death of a loved one, or divorce. Thus, people often look for stress-free moving tips to help negate the challenges of moving to a new home or office.

Therefore, to help you simplify your move, let’s answer the question mentioned above by looking at some of the pros and cons of moving over the weekend as well as the advantages and disadvantages of moving on a week day.


The cost of the move is a big factor to consider when making the decision whether to move on a weekend is cheaper to schedule your move on a week day. Therefore, to reduce the cost of your move it’s important to look for cheap and professional Interstate removalists in Sydney like removalists Dee Why.

At this juncture it is also vital to remember that your moving date, and by extension, the cost of the move is constrained and influenced by the date that you need to be in your new location. This is particularly true if you are moving to a new city or state to start a new job or studies at a university.

On the other hand, if your moving date is flexible, it is possible to reduce the cost of the move by employing a backloading specialist. Succinctly stated, the term backloading infers that your furniture gets loaded on the removals truck on the way back to the company’s warehouse or head office. Therefore, you will have to move on the date that the truck is returning from delivering a load of furniture to its new destination.


Even though this topic has been alluded to in the previous point, it is essential to ensure that, as far as possible, you schedule your move for when it is suitable for you. Therefore, if moving over the weekend is more convenient for you, then it is the preferred option for you. On the other hand, if moving on a weekday is preferable, then that is the best option to take.

Succinctly stated, there is no single preferred option that will work for all. It is entirely dependent on the individual, and each person’s circumstances should be looked at independently of anyone else’s.

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Assistance with your move

If you have school-going children, it is probably better to schedule your move on a weekday. On the other hand, if your children are older and can help with the move, it makes more sense to move on a weekend. The same goes for friends and extended family to help with your move. If you move during the week, the chances are good that most of the people who would normally pitch in and help will not be available. Thus, it might be a good idea to schedule a weekend move.

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