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If you are moving and need moving boxes, contact us!

If you are moving and need packing and removal boxes in Sydney – we are here to help.

After all, there is a reason we are the number one service for packing and removal boxes!

  1. Give us a call at 04 2535 1578 or (02) 9885 0492
  2. Or email us at info@billremovalistssydney.com.au

We will deliver the boxes to your location fast and hassle-free, and guarantee same-day delivery in selected areas. The best part? We’re only a phone call away!

Where can I find moving boxes in Sydney?

Whether it’s hiring boxes or needing help to move your original boxes, then we here at Bill’s Removalist Sydney are here for you. We supply heavy duty plastic boxes and cheaper eco-friendly boxes to suit your needs.

Simply choose a date and time suitable for you and you can guarantee our expert staff will be at your doorstep to help you deliver packing boxes and allow you to sort out any admin you never knew you had the time to do!

Boxes come in a variety of ways. Going to your local box shop can only provide you with the most commonly used packing materials made into recycled cardboard boxes. But you want something sturdy, which is why we here at Bills Removalists provide only the toughest Sydney moving boxes service.

Removal Boxes Sydney
Our friendly experts here at Bills Removalists can take on all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Should I hire or buy boxes for moving to Sydney?

When it comes to choosing the best packing and moving boxes Sydney services, you need to take a few things into account. For example, are you moving house permanently? Or do you intend on packing boxes and moving shortly after your move?

It is for these reasons that we offer both, the ability to hire boxes and allow you to buy boxes – all for free delivery. So which service is right for you?


Renting packing supplies and shipping boxes is a cheaper option than buying cardboard boxes, given that you are willing to have them recollected by our experienced workers. The best part? All for free delivery.

Hiring allows you to save money, avoid the stressful time of trying to find a suitable place to store your boxes, and guarantees the utmost convenience, allowing you to rest assured knowing your move is going to be stress-free.

  • Cheaper than buying
  • Environmentally friendly


If you are moving temporarily or to areas outside of Sydney, then buying boxes is the option for you. Our range of boxes tailors to all your moving needs to allow you to safely and securely move your belongings.

We offer free delivery on any purchased boxes from our huge range, depending on your selected delivery days. When our friendly staff arrive at your door, you can ask for help, advice, and even check on any other packaging supplies you may need.

  • Reuse your purchased boxes
  • We offer a wide variety of boxes

What packing boxes for moving can I get?

There are various methods for packing boxes and moving. However, your choice of packing box can significantly reduce stress, allowing you to pack more into one container. There are many types of boxes available at our huge range of stock in Australia, such as:

Smaller boxes

Small boxes are useful in transporting smaller, more fragile ornaments and equipment. Smaller boxes tend to be sturdier and can take heavier items.

moving boxes sydney
These boxes are perfect for smaller, heavier items such as books, mugs, and smaller ornaments.

Medium boxes (either cardboard box or plastic of around 3 cubic feet)

Medium boxes are the best of both worlds. You can transport heavier items as well as store various bedding materials.

boxes for moving sydney
These boxes are the ideal multi-purpose packing box for Australian citizens. You can fit almost anything here from plates and pans to ornaments and toys.

Large boxes (4.5 cubic feet)

Australian citizens looking to move all of their belongings to a new home will benefit from large boxes. Here you can store your duvet, pillows, and even larger items such as food trays.

removalist boxes
These boxes are better for larger and lighter household objects such as pillows. As a note, store lighter items into your large storage to ease delivery and save storage space.

Telescopic Boxes

We all have that one item that may be too long for the box. For example, a curtain pole or if you’re fancy, your snooker cue. This is where telescopic boxes come in, allowing you to store the most awkward of items.

moving supplies sydney
Telescoping boxes are used to ship long items that don’t normally fit into regular cardboard boxes.

If you want the best moving boxes Sydney has to offer, then you need a wide range of boxes to help you move all of your stuff.

Cheap packing and moving boxes

If you are looking for unbeatable prices, then you can find some of the most cost-effective packing boxes in Australia to help your next move right here at Bills Removalist. We have a huge range of packing and moving boxes that all come with free delivery, right to your door.

Cheap packing and moving boxes are great for offices or business moves. Our customers are always satisfied with our delivered products. We provide packaging supplies (bubble wrap, tape, foam stuffing) to ensure that even the cheapest box can be placed in storage securely.

Plastic packing and moving boxes

Plastic packing and moving boxes have an advantage over your standard cardboard box as they are more durable and eco-friendly, meaning that they can be used over and over again. These plastic boxes can be delivered by our friendly staff to various locations across NSW.

How much does packing moving boxes in Sydney cost?

Packing and moving house is a tedious and relatively expensive process in Australia. However, you don’t want to add to your stress by hiring a cheap removal company. No. What you need is Bill Removalist Sydney. We are a network of experts that work together to ensure your move is nothing but stress-free.

Our prices are competitive and personal, and so we cannot give you a general quote. We promise to give you a personalized and unbeatable quote for your move once we have assessed how many boxes you need and which boxes are best for you. Our quotes all include free delivery.

Bills Removalists: The best packing moving boxes Sydney has to offer

When it comes to packaging supplies, Bill Removalists Sydney has the highest quality moving boxes and removal boxes Sydney has to offer. You will quickly see that the packing supplies we offer are made of tough materials that will protect your belongings during your upcoming move from one home or office to another.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons you should contact us for your supplies:

  • We offer a range of removal boxes in all different sizes
  • Our boxes are extremely tough and can hold up to tough situations
  • You can get a large quality of moving boxes quickly, helping you to better organise your belongings

As you can see, it can be very beneficial to contact us when you need packaging supplies in Sydney. The best part? Packing and moving boxes are only one of the many services we have to offer. Why not contact us at your soonest convenience to find out what other moving bundles we can provide?


If you have any further questions regarding storage and box packing and moving, or want some extra tips,  please check out the section below.

How do I get rid of old boxes?

If you have hired boxes from us, then our friendly staff will collect your stuff completely free of charge. If you fear you have too many boxes of stuff to get rid of, then we can bring over one of our many moving trucks.

Where to buy moving boxes in Sydney?

You can buy moving boxes right here at Bill Removalists. We offer competitive prices for all ranges of boxes. Simply put them in your basket, check-out, and expect a rapid delivery straight to your door. We deliver across all Sydney suburbs.

Where can I get free moving boxes in Sydney?

If you are looking for free boxes, our first advice is to contact any family or friends that can pass some used boxes onto you! In addition, you can hire as many boxes as you like from us!

Where can I find cheap movers?

We at Bill Removalist pride ourselves on providing competitive prices for cheap movers in Australia.

What kind of boxes are best for shipping?

The most commonly used boxes for shipping are cardboard boxes. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be filled to the brim. They are sturdy once the appropriate tape is used. If you are worried about any water damage, then plastic boxes are your best choice.

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