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Welcome to the “FREE DEALS” by Bill Removalists Sydney! Let us tell you how you can be benefitted by hiring us for your next move because you will get lots of free deals from us.

Unlimited Free Packing Supplies and Services

When you plan for a removal, the first question comes to your mind is about packing supplies.

The next question is dismantling various pieces of furniture, electronics and more, and reassembling them at your new place.

But now you can just forget worrying about these two as at Bill Removalists Sydney, you will get unlimited packing supplies like padding and wraps free!

What’s more, we offer free dismantling of your belongings (wherever applies) and reassembling them at your new places also by professional and well-trained packers, for free!

So, now you need not go shopping for packing supplies and also need not waste your time in packing, and you can utilise the time for other chores which you have to finish before moving.


ProductYour Saving
4 Ton Truck$39 Call out fee
5-8 Ton Truck$43 call out fee
9-10 Ton Truck$50 call out fee
12-15 Ton Truck$55 call out fee


Most people choose weekends for moving because they are free on those days and so, can go through the moving process more smoothly and free of stress. Therefore, weekends are the busiest days for moving companies.

And Still the Unlimited Free Boxes Are Yours!

What’s more, you go on getting the unlimited free packing supplies and thus save more money. If you are not able to reach us, don’t worry! We’ll reach you and deliver you the cartons, padding and wraps.

Bill Loyalty Program

Bill Removalists Sydney has also an exclusive Loyalty Program through which you can get still more discounts and thus save money.

You are Getting it Back from Us

As a loyal customer, you are valued for us and so, as a token of appreciation, we want to offer you 5% off for your next move as a loyalty reward.

You just have to collect our business cards while we move your house and you can use these cards for your next move or give it to your family members and friends to get the 5% discount for the next move.

These cards are fully transferable and so, your friends and family too can take their benefit. With this act, we want to show our dear customers how much we love them and value them.

See What You are Getting Back

What You Spend (without GST)What You Get Back (without GST)
$200 (Minimum Amount to Spend)$10 off on your next move
$400$20 off on your next move
$600$30 off on your next move
$1000$50 off on your next move


Combine with Other Deals and Get More Benefits: You can combine our Loyalty Program with other amazing deals like Free Packing Supplies, and get even more benefited.

No Catches

  • The Loyalty Program of Bill Removalists Sydney has no catch – it’s a simple program being offered to you as gratitude towards your loyalty to us. Spend at least $200 without GST on your move and grab 5% of the total price of the move (minus packing) back again on our business cards having unique numbers from our friendly Bill Removalists Sydney upon completion of your job.
  • Our business cards are valid for 12 months from the date of your first move.
  • You just have to submit the card upon completion of your next move within 12 months, which is its validity period and get the value of the card taken off from the invoice total barring GST.
  • However, one thing to keep in mind that the business cards are not redeemable for cash and can be used only to get the discount on your next move with Bill Removalists Sydney.

So, don’t miss these exquisite discounts by Bill Removalists Sydney and save huge cash!

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