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Moving from Brisbane to Sydney or Sydney to Brisbane? Contact Our Expert Interstate Removalists

When you are moving from Sydney to Brisbane or Brisbane to Sydney, you need to make sure that you have removalists on your side that you can count on. This is exactly what you will find when you choose to hire Bill Removalists Sydney.

Our interstate removalists from Sydney to Brisbane and Brisbane to Sydney are highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable and focused on making your interstate move as easy as possible. Moving to Sydney from Brisbane, and vice versa, is a huge undertaking and you should only work with a company that understands what goes into an interstate removal.

You simply won’t get the same from a removalist that only does local moves such as removalists Bella Vista and removalists Strathfield.

Our Removalists from Sydney to Brisbane are Top Notch

At Bill Removalists Sydney, we take a lot of pride in providing top notch interstate removals from Brisbane to Sydney and vice versa, Sydney to Brisbane.

You can trust the services you will receive from our company and some of the benefits you will experience from our removalists from Sydney to Brisbane and Brisbane to Sydney include, but are most certainly not limited to:

  • Your choice of moving trucks from 4 ton to 15 ton vehicles
  • Removalists who have the experience to deal with an interstate removal services
  • Cost effective, personalised service that will give you peace of mind
  • Fixed half hourly rate pricing, so you will have no hidden surprises
  • Full insurance cover to make sure your belongings are protected
  • No fair weather work – only blizzards, and full on hurricanes will stop us – and we haven’t seen any blizzards lately!

Still Need Convincing?

There is no doubt that planning an interstate removal from Brisbane to Sydney or Sydney to Brisbane can be stressful, but the expert team at Bill Removalists Sydney has a commitment to make it as simple as possible.

To find out how simple this can be, give us a call on (02) 9885 0492 today!


What fees do you charge?

The most important question and sometimes the elephant in the room. Rates and fees are dependent on the amount of stuff being moved but a simple 1 bedroom apartment will start at $55.50 per half an hour.

What if my stuff doesn’t fit in one truck?

We will give you the accurate quote from the start. We always endeavour to factor in the size and quantity of trucks we need to do your move in one trip.

Do you need insurance?

Technically you don’t need insurance. However, you also don’t technically need insurance on anything unless it goes wrong. A quick way to filter out lower level removalists is to ask if they have car insurance or not. We think insurance is important as a peace of mind and especially for such a long distance journey, yes, we think you need insurance.

Can you pack my things?

Short answer, yes. Just let us know in advance so we can factor it into our time! No problems.

What size truck should I go for?

This really depends on how much you need to move. Once we know what you have, we can let you know what we need. Don’t worry, we won’t bring a 15 ton truck when a 5 ton will do, and likewise, if a 5 ton truck may not be enough, we will make sure to bring a larger one.

Can you move my piano?

Yes, again just let us know beforehand and also please let us know how big/ what your piano weighs. If you have more than one piano, we can also move the others!

Can you clean my old place?

Yes, absolutely. This is a vital part of any move. Let us know in advance so we can make sure you leave your current place sparkling and clean.

Will you still work in bad weather?

We basically work in all weathers, unless there is a severe weather warning for something like a hurricane or blizzard. Luckily, there don’t tend to be many blizzards on the East coast of Australia, so it’s only when there may be a hurricane warning that we may have to consider.

Can you offer backloading?

Yes, backloading, or return journey jobs, essential is a cost effective way to move, especially when moving longer distances or interstate. Yes, we can do this, please call us and if you have some flexibility over dates, we can work this out for you.

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