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Few people think about moving plants and how difficult that can be. They feel as though it may be easier to just buy new ones?

But what about the love and effort you have out into growing your plants!

It does not matter if you are moving locally or interstate, Bill Removalists will give the piece of mind you deserve and the care your plants need.

Bill Removalists are the plant relocation experts who can ensure a successful move for you and your plants.

How we move your house plants

For plants, it is not a simple matter of packing and moving your house plants like your other household goods.

It’s a bit more complicated than that. If you are moving locally,  you need to ensure that they are moved with care and don’t get damaged.

On top of that, if you are moving interstate, according to the InterstateQuarantine.org.au website, “there are restrictions on what you can take as you cross state and quarantine borders within Australia.

Bill Removalists handle all of this for you, accounting for the quarantine guidelines and ensuring your plants travel and arrive safely.

We obtain the necessary clearance certificates for interstate moves

It is not possible to transport all plants across state lines because of the risk of introducing pests, weeds, and diseases from one region to another. Essentially, Australia has different ecologically sensitive zones that can be destroyed by the introduction of alien plants, diseases, and pests.

Some plants that need a plant health certificate before you can take them into a new area. This certificate will certify that the plant is free of pests, weeds, and diseases. Bills Removalists take care of this for you and let you know which plants can travel, and which can’t.

This does not mean you can’t ship your plants to your new destination. Moving house with plants is possible successfully by taking extra care of them.

How much does it cost to move your plants locally or interstate?

The exact cost will depend on where you are moving and how many plants need to go. Our team can offer a no-obligation quote to help you understand the exact costs related to your move.

Why Choose Bill Removalists to move your plants?

We offer our clients a comprehensive plant removal package that includes professional pre-packers and unpackers that you can hire at an hourly rate. They help you in all areas of your move.

Our removalists help to speed up the process of your removal and ensure that plants won’t get damaged. Thus they reduce your moving time as well as costs dramatically. Your goods are protected with dry felt padding. So, you can rest assured about the safety of your belongings when they are in our custody


For the unanswered questions that relate to moving house with plants in Sydney or interstate, read on.

Can you help me move plants?

No matter the distance and if you are moving from city to city or state to state – Bill Removalists are here to help. Simply contact us and we will provide you with the answers to all your questions.

Can you transport plants from state to state?

Yes, some plants can be transported while specific varieties can not from state to state. Speak to the team at Bill’s to understand what can go and what must stay.

How do you move plants interstate in Australia?

The easiest way to move your plants interstate is by handing the task over to the experts at Bill Removalists. We will ensure the safety of your plants while saving you time in the process!

Is it safe for the plants to move from one state to another?

When transported correctly and abiding by state laws, it is safe for your plants to move home with you. Let the experts at Bill’s handle the task of ticking all of the correct boxes.

Which removal company in Sydney should I trust to move plants interstate safely?

The answer to moving plants in Sydney is always Bill Removalists! We have years of experience and a proven track record of success.

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