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Moving to a new home or office is exciting, and there is much to be done during every stage of the process. Unfortunately, all too often people overlook the importance of coming up with a packing materials list, and this results in their property becoming lost or damaged during the move.

It is important to take time to consider moving house packing tips. Our staff provides full home and office moving services, and, through our years of experience, we have highlighted certain procedures that, when employed, will make your move a smooth one.

Awkward Items

Before packing anything, you should identify the items that will require additional attention. For example, glass items and other breakables will need specialized packing. Also consider larger, bulky items that will be difficult to pack in traditional boxes.

Once you have your list, you can make the necessary measurements and shop for the supplies you will need. We can review your list and help you identify the best solutions for each item on your list.

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Moving awkard items

An Easy Way to Save Money

When you take the time in advance to work with local retailers, you can save a bundle on your packing supplies. Call a grocery store, for example, and ask the manager when they typically receive large shipments.

Most managers are willing to work with movers and will set aside boxes that meet the description of your needs. You can also save money by checking out our moving kits which include various sizes and numbers of boxes depending on the complexity of your move.

As an example of what would be included for a 5-6 room home (up to 260 square metters):

  • 20 Small Moving Box
  • 11 Medium Moving Box
  • 10 Large Moving Box
  • 4 X-Large Moving Box
  • 5 Heavy Duty Box
  • 6 Wardrobe Box
  • 1 Electronics Box
  • 2 Unprinted News wrap
  • 1 Bubble Wrap – 150 ft. Roll
  • 1 Permanent Box Marker
  • 7 Box Sealing Tape – Clear

Sturdy Boxes for Large Items

One of the most important packing tips for moving house to consider in advance is how you plan to pack your larger home or office items such as artwork or mirrors.

There are specialty boxes that are much stronger than standard packing boxes and made specifically to fit these types of items. It is a good idea to acquire these items in advance of the move date so you’re have them on hand when the time comes.

Saving Time

Time is precious, and you likely want to complete the move as quickly as possible so you can get settled into your new surroundings. When you take the time during the packing process to detail your boxes, you can save yourself time and frustration later.

For starters, make the investment in labels. Not only will this help you identify which boxes go where in the new house or office, but it also helps you and your movers take the proper precautions as they transport your items. Also on your accessory packing materials list should include:

  • Brown packing paper to keep items clean
  • Protective foams and stretch wrap
  • Inflatable bags and/or packing peanuts to fill voids
  • Mattress covers
  • Box cutters
  •  An Overnight Bag

Even the most meticulous mover should expect it to take some time to get everything completely unpacked and settled. Among the moving house packing tips, one that is most often overlooked is how you plan to ensure you have access to the essentials for those first few days.

Take the time to pack an overnight bag to accommodate yourself. Things to consider include toiletries, extra clothes, makeup, and disposable eating utensils.

packing materials list, moving house packing tips, packing tips for moving house

Time is precious, and you likely want to complete the move as quickly as possible so you can get settled into your new surroundings

Clear Boxes

In addition to proper labeling packing tips for moving house, you can incorporate see-through boxes to better ensure you are able to easily locate your belongings. Although this will cost a little more, time is money, and it can help you unpack quickly and more efficiently.

Best of all, you can save them and use them for other purposes later on down the road.

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