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Will the Removalists Take Time Off For Lunch? Will I Need to Feed Them?

As you can imagine, moving is a fairly taxing job and the crew will need time to eat and drink throughout the day. Please note that the time spent eating lunch will not be charged to you. It is not required to provide any liquid refreshments or snacks to our removalists but it is very much appreciated, especially on hot days where their energy is quickly depleted.

I don’t have Reliable Transportation on Move Day, Can I ride with You?

Due to liability reasons, we cannot bring customers with us in our trucks. You can, however, contact a local taxi service for transportation on move day.

Can I Use Some of My Friends or Family on Moving Day to Keep Costs Down?

Most of the moves done by Bill Removalists Sydney are charged by the hour and you are certainly welcome to help bring boxes and other objects from your home to the truck. You should consider, however, that our removalists are very highly trained and work quickly. Having extra assistance, at times, can actually hinder our progress and cause the move to take longer. You should also be aware that you could be injured or break something. If that happens, it would not be covered under our guarantee of service.

Can My Pot Plants Be Moved?

Yes, we are able to move pot plants for you but we cannot guarantee their health. Because of differences in moisture, shifting during transportation and time spent in the truck, your plants could suffer. If you want us to move them, however, we certainly can. We do recommend that you do not water the plant for several days before the move.

What Should I Do With My Appliances?

The moving crew from Bill Removalists Sydney will wrap large appliances in a blanket in order to protect them when on the truck. If you want more protection, you can request shrink wrapping as well. You should make sure that all appliances are empty and are disconnected from any gas, water or electric connection. Small appliances should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in moving boxes for best results.

I Have an Office in My Home with Filing Cabinets. Do They Need to be Emptied?

If the cabinet is made of metal and has 2 drawers only, it can be left full. If it is a 4 drawer cabinet, the top two drawers will need to be emptied. If you have a lateral filing cabinet or a filing cabinet made of wood, it will need to be empty.

How Can I Be Sure That My Items Will Be in the Right Room?

One thing that we suggest at Bill Removalists Sydney is to choose a label system, but make sure that you are consistent with its use. Try to colour code as well, if possible. For example, write "Living Room" in red or "Kitchen" in blue. You should also make sure to label on at least three sides of each box.

How Much Packing Material Should I Order?

When you book your removal, we will be able to deliver more packing material and boxes than you probably need. Any of the boxes or material that is not used are taken back and you will not be charged for them.

At What Time Should I Plan to Move if Both of My Properties are Settling on the Same Day?

If you are already aware for the settlement date, please contact Bill Removalists Sydney as soon as possible. It is important that you book the day and the time can be decided as we get closer to the date. Typically you will receive settlement times from 7-10 days before the move will take place. At that point, contact us and schedule the time.

My Apartment Building Has Lift Access. How Can I Make Sure We Can Use it on Move Day?

We won't be able to control that, so it is recommended that you speak to your apartment management office. We are able to assist if your apartment manager needs more information concerning your removal. We are able to provide flat bed trolleys for moving several items at once, which is the most efficient way when using a lift.

What if it is Raining/Flooding or Other Inclement Weather During My Removal?

At Bill Removalists Sydney, we know that none of us can control the weather. Though it may be easier to move when it is a nice, cool sunny day, that is certainly not always possible. In any type of weather, our team of professional removalists will be ready and prepared to handle sleet, rain and even extreme heat.

I Don’t Know How Many Boxes I Will Need

If you don't know how many boxes you will need for your removal, you will find tools online that can help.

What if all My Items Do Not Fit in the Truck?

Sometimes it happens that all of your items will not fit in the truck you ordered. In this case, it is possible to take two different loads, assuming the travel distance is fairly short. If not, we can provide another truck.

Do You Dismantle Things Like Beds?

Yes! Our removalists have tools available to do basic dismantling. We can typically dismantle beds, headboards, shelving, desks and other similar items.

Will You Move My BBQ?

Yes, we would be happy to move your BBQ. However, we ask that you remove the gas bottle from the BBQ and ensure that it is clean as it will be in close contact with other items. Unfortunately we will not be able to transport the gas bottle.

I have Paintings and Artwork. How Should I Pack Them?

Bill Removalists Sydney can supply you with things like bubble wrap and boxes specifically made for pictures. Just let us know what you need.

When Do I Empty My Freezer and Refrigerator?

Typically Bill Removalists Sydney will remove your refrigerator and freezer near the end of the removal. You should make sure it is empty at that time. You should also have an esky available to store your food until it can be placed back into the refrigerator and freezer.

We Live in an Urban Area with Little Parking. What Should We Do?

The best thing to do in this situation is to pre-arrange parking. Let your neighbours know that you will need room for the Bill Removalists Sydney truck. If you live in the CBD, contact the local council for a parking permit.
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