1 Studio or 2 bedroom unit

per Half Hour + GST

  • For 1 Studio or Two Bedroom Unit
  • 25 + Cubic Meter
  • $60 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

2 bedroom unit + garage

per Half Hour + GST

  • Two Bedroom Unit + Garage
  • 30 Cubic Meter
  • $65 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

2 – 3 bedroom unit + study + garage

per Half Hour + GST

  • Two or Three Bedroom Unit or House
  • 35 Cubic Meter
  • $70 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

3 bedroom unit or house + study + garage

per Half Hour + GST

  • Three Bedroom Unit or House
  • 40 Cubic Meter
  • $69.50 per half an hour (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee may be applied

4 bedroom unit or house + study + garage

per Half Hour + GST

  • Four Bedroom Unit or House + Garage
  • 52 Cubic Meter
  • $80 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

5/6 bedroom unit or house + garage

per Half Hour + GST

  • 5-6 Bedroom Unit/House + Garage
  • 60 Cubic Meter
  • $85 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

5/6 double storey bedroom unit/house + garage

per Half Hour + GST

  • $100 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

Available for interstate moving

per Half Hour + GST

  • 70 cubic meter
  • $120 per half an hour + GST (Truck + 2 Men)
  • 2 Hr Minimum charge
  • Call out fee will be applied

For all heavy items pickup and drop off

per Half Hour + GST

  • Balcony lifting
  • $450 Minimum charge + GST
  • $75 per additional half an hour + GST (Truck + Driver)
  • Call out fee will be applied
Jamie Rice
Jamie Rice
Bill Removalist Sydney's team went above and beyond to ensure my move was successful. Their attention to detail was truly impressive.
Christina Finn-Henicheck
Christina Finn-Henicheck
Moving with Bill Removalist Sydney was a pleasant experience. Their team's expertise and friendly approach made the process enjoyable.
Michalean Bartunek
Michalean Bartunek
I'm thankful for Bill Removalist Sydney's efficient service. Their team ensured a seamless transition to my new home.
Debra Anderson
Debra Anderson
Bill Removalist Sydney's team was exceptional. They made my move stress-free and ensured everything was set up perfectly.
Jamie Cantu
Jamie Cantu
Bill Removalist Sydney's team provided top-notch service. They were reliable, efficient, and ensured a smooth move.
Phillip Smart
Phillip Smart
I'm thankful for Bill Removalist Sydney's team. They made my move seamless and their dedication was evident throughout.
Cheryl Mcewen
Cheryl Mcewen
I couldn't be happier with Bill Removalist Sydney's service. Their team's professionalism and care were outstanding.
Joseph Acholonu
Joseph Acholonu
Bill Removalist Sydney's team made my move stress-free and efficient. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their work.
Catherine Schoenborn
Catherine Schoenborn
Bill Removalist Sydney's team provided a seamless moving experience. They were courteous, reliable, and handled my belongings with care.
James Harvey
James Harvey
Moving day was a breeze with Bill Removalist Sydney's team. They were punctual, efficient, and handled everything with care.

Our relocation services team
in Baulkham Hills are waiting
to hear from you

When it comes to movers in Baulkham Hills, most people will want to make sure that the removalists they hire actually care about what they are doing. This is exactly what you will find when you choose the removalists in Baulkham Hills and inner west removals that work for Bill Removalists Sydney.

Our Removalists in Baulkham Hills are fully dedicated to providing you with top-notch service, the likes that you probably cannot find elsewhere. The Baulkham Hills furniture removals and full office and home removals that we offer are more professional than any others in the area.

When professionalism and affordability are your main concerns, the Baulkham Hills removalists or removalists Sydney to Nowra from Bill Removalists Sydney are here at your service.

Our team of professional Baulkham Hills removalists is waiting to hear from you about your upcoming removal. From our Baulkham Hills furniture removals and removalists Mosman to full home and office removals, you will find that our movers in Baulkham Hills will always offer you the highest level of service.

Some of the benefits of hiring our movers in Baulkham Hills include:

  • Half hourly rates – These will save you money over our competitors
  • Your belongings will always be safe when you utilise our Baulkham Hills furniture removals
  • We can help you move across the city, the state or even the country

When you are looking for the finest team in Baulkham Hills for your removal, make sure to contact the team at Bill Removalists Sydney.

removalists Baulkham Hills

Baulkham Hills Removalists - client reviews

When comparing us to other removal companies, make sure to check out our customer reviews.

We have been moving clients all over the country for many years now; see some of our actual client reviews and the fantastic service they received.  We are highly recommended as the best removalists.

Stress-Free Removalists in Baulkham Hills

What we offer

We are able to offer several removalist services to suit your individual needs. You can choose from the following convenient services:

Avoid disappointment and book our services for your move today. All our processes, from getting a quote, booking our services and using us for your moving, are designed to be easy and stress free.

To book, simply follow these easy booking process steps:

Step 1: Get your free quote

Call 0425 351 578 or fill out our online quote form to let us know the details of your move. We will then send your a detailed quotation for your perusal, with no hidden charges.

Step 2: Secure the date and time of your move

Should you want to accept the quotation, you can book our Baulkham Hills removal services at a time that works for you. We work to your schedule as part of our exceptional customer service.

Step 3: List the furniture to be moved

As we offer commercial and residential services for furniture removals, we can tailor the service according to your needs. Just specify the dwelling type, and we’ll ensure we have the best gear for the task. Be sure to mention special items such as pianos and pool tables.

Collection day

While our team always do a fantastic job on collection day, there are some things you can do to help prepare for a smooth process:

1. Pack and label boxes

Make sure that your boxes are packed and labelled (unless we are doing this for you), including arrival details like ‘Eastern Suburbs Sydney” to save any confusion. This will also make it easier to unpack as the box labelled ‘kitchen’ can be placed in the kitchen for easy unloading.

2. Furniture arranged and ready for dismantling

Our removalists can help with packing your furniture, but if you can prepare it with some light dismantling, things will run a lot smoother. Removing legs from desks and sofas and taping or removing drawers can speed things up a little on the moving day.

3. Doorways and exits clear for movers

While there will be a lot of clutter around the house, the safest and most stress-free move have clear doorways and exits to help our professionals clear the home with your goods efficiently. A good removal company is a safe one!

Delivery day

The excitement of setting up your new home or office is always a positive experience, especially when it is an extremely efficient process, which you can ensure with these considerations:

1. Delivery address unlocked and clear to receive goods

Always ensure the proper access to the delivery location. You want to make sure the professional removalist isn’t stuck outside when they could be unloading your things!

2. Advise movers where to offload heavy furniture

To save you from having to remove heavy items, let our team know where to place the heavy stuff. That way, one move is all you need! Save your energy for some other tasks and leave the heavy lifting to us.

3. Direct movers to place labelled boxes in the correct rooms

If your boxes are labelled correctly as per the step above, you can let the movers know which rooms the corresponding boxes should go in. This will save you time and energy later on by having all of the right boxes in the right spots.

Why choose us as your furniture removalists when moving to Baulkham Hills?

If you are moving into the Baulkham Hills area soon, why not let us take the stress out of your move? Book us as your furniture removalist to make it easier for you.

We will assist with the packing and transport of your belongings while lessening the amount of effort and work you will need to put into the move.

We are professional furniture removalists that are here to help, ready to deliver the level of service that will make life easy!

Choose us because

  • Your goods are covered by our professional removals insurance during transport
  • we can save time with packing
  • and unpacking
Expert Baulkham Hills Removals Service

What will your move cost you

We are professional and affordable movers. While we offer a free quote, you can also check out our moving checklist to get an accurate idea of how much you’ll be moving. The following truck sizes and costs can then be matched to your situation to give you a rough idea of the associated cost:

Truck SizeCost per 30 mins
4 Ton Truck$60
5 Ton Truck$65
6 Ton Truck$70
8 Ton Truck$75
10 Ton Truck$80
15 Ton Truck$85
18 Ton Truck$100
27 Ton Truck$120

Why Choose Bill Removalist Sydney
as your moving service?

Save money with our superior customer service and efficient removals. When you choose to contact Bill Removalists Sydney over other movers in Baulkham Hills, you will certainly see the difference. We can provide outstanding home, office and Baulkham Hills furniture removals for our cherished customers with many benefits like:

  • The ability to move you from Baulkham Hills to anywhere else in Australia
  • Movers in Baulkham Hills that are professional, polite and uniformed
  • Baulkham Hills removalists that protect your furniture as if it were our own

When you need removalists in the Baulkham Hills area, pick up the phone and call. We are waiting to hear from you at Bill Removalists Sydney.

We also offer excellent customer service and exceptional service for your removals in a professional manner. We are also interstate removalists who offer excellent service for your interstate removals.


Have some more questions about removalists in Baulkham Hills? Our helpful FAQ section can answer these:

Should you require overnight storage whiles your goods are in transit to Baulkham Hills, we can most definitely assist in providing storage.

Yes, Bills Removalists is able to offer you a stress-free move by doing the packing and/or unpacking for you.

The truck size will depend on how much furniture and belongings you need to move. It would be best to visit our costs page to get a better idea of the truck size you may need or call our customer service team for clarification on this.

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