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Experience a Stress Free Move When You Hire Sydney Inner West Removalists

When you are in the process of choosing your movers in the inner west for your next home or office move, you will feel confident that you are only working with a company that you can fully rely on. Sydney Inner West Removalists offer a range of great, convenient and stress-lowering services including but not limited to:

  • A flat half hourly rate for home, office and Inner West furniture removals

  • Full insurance protection for your furniture at every step of your removal

  • Movers in the inner west that are professional and uniformed

  • Our removalists in the inner west can move you anywhere, Australia wide

  • Cleaning services for those ending a lease or wanting to leave a home/ office in good condition

  • Providing packaging and boxes, and even packing your belongings for you

Choosing a furniture removalists team for your home and office like Sydney Inner West Removalists is a choice that you will never regret. Don’t waste any time, simply call us today for more information at (02) 9635 6571.

Why use Bill Removalists?

Our goal in the Sydney Inner West is to make your move as smooth as possible during an otherwise very stressful time:

  1. If you need packing, we can help.

  2. If you need post lease cleaning, we can help.

  3. And we’ll even bubble-wrap your valuables free of charge.

These 3 reasons why so many of our clients consider us the best Sydney Inner West removalists.

And, of course, if you need to move your belongings, we can certainly help! So waste no more time, give us a call on (02) 9635 6571 to find out how we can flatten the curve of your stress on moving day.


How much will it cost?

Usually the very first word that we get asked – so let’s answer it first as well. It depends On the size of your home, but the starting price for studio or 1 bedroom apartments is $55.50 per half hour.

How long will it take?

We are asked this question many times, and the simplest answer is that it depends. Once we see what needs to be moved, we can give you a better estimate – and then allow for the travel time.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we do. You can rest assured that we have your belongings covered.

Do you Offer a Packing Service?

Yes, absolutely. It’s very important to us that you have the best moving experience possible. Simply ask our movers with plenty of time and we can help your packing.

Can you still work in bad weather?

Yes, once we have booked it in, nothing short of a hurricane or blizzard will stop us from getting you moved – and there’s not much chance of either of those here in Sydney Inner West.

What size truck do I need?

One of those questions that can only usually be answered once we have more information. Similar to the question of how long will it take – we can let you know once we know how much stuff needs to be moved.

Do you move outside of Sydney?

Yes, we do short distance and long distance moves, and even interstate moves! There will be different costs involved but all will follow the same pattern of half hourly rates, which will save you money in the long run. If you’re interested in more info, request a quote from us today.

Do you move pianos?

Yes, but the better question would be: how many pianos can we move in a day, and how heavy? Answer: between 8-12 pianos of any size. Just let us know the weight beforehand so we can be prepared.

Do you offer a cleaning service?

When moving house it’s important to leave your old home in great, clean condition. So we feel like this is part of the move, and yes, we can offer this as an additional service as well.

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