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Whether you are moving in Granville or using our affordable interstate removals assistance, a furniture removalist can makelife easier. You’ll ensure the safe packing and transport of your belongings while lessening the amount of effort and work you’ll need to put into your move.

Your goods will be covered by our professional insurance during transport and we can save time with packing and unpacking at either end of your journey. Granville professional furniture removalists are here to help, and the level of service from Bill Removalists makes life easy!

What we offer as a removalist Granville

We are the type of furniture removalist that tailors our service to meet your needs. You can choose from the following services that we offer:

removalists granville
Get the moving boxes ready! Whether you are coming from country NSW or making interstate moves, we can help!

How to book us as your Granville removalists

Our removal services are as easy to set-up as they are to execute! We’re here to save you time, so simply follow these easy booking process steps:

1.   Make initial contact for a free quote

Call 0425 351 578 or fill out our online quote form to let us know the details of your move. We’ll then detail the affordable price of your personalised quote.

2.   Choose a suitable date and time

Once you are happy with the quote, you can book our Granville removalists at a time that works for you. We work to your schedule as part of our exceptional customer service.

3.   Select the type of furniture removal you need

As we offer commercial and residential services for furniture removals we can tailor the service according to your needs. Just specify the dwelling type and we’ll ensure we have the best gear for the task

Costs for your move to and from Granville

While we offer a free quote, you can also check out our moving checklist to get an accurate idea of how much you’ll be moving. The following truck sizes and costs can then be matched to your situation to give you a rough idea of the associated cost:

Truck SizeCost per 30 mins
4 Ton Truck$60
5 Ton Truck$65
6 Ton Truck$70
8 Ton Truck$75
10 Ton Truck$80
15 Ton Truck   $85    
18 Ton Truck$100
27 Ton Truck$120

How to prepare for collection day

While our team always do a fantastic job on collection day, there are some things you can do to help prepare for a smooth process:

1.     Boxes packed and labelled

Make sure that your boxes are packed and labelled (unless we are doing this for you), including arrival details like ‘Granville NSW” to save any confusion. This will also make it easier to unpack as the box lablled ‘kitchen’ can be placed in the kitchen for easy unloading.

2.   Furniture arranged and ready for dismantling

Our Granville removalists can help with packing your furniture, but if you can prepare it with some light dismantling, things will run a lot smoother. Removing legs from desk and sofas, and taping or removing drawers can speed things up a little on moving day.

3.   Doorways and exits clear for movers

While there will be a lot of clutter around the house, the safest and most stress-free move has clear doorways and exits to help our professionals clear the home with your goods efficiently. A good Granville removal company is a safe one!

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Our competitive rates lead to happy customers when it comes time to make a move.

How to prepare for delivery day

The excitement of setting up your new home or office is always a positive experience, especially when it is an extremely efficient process, which you can ensure with these considerations:

1.   Delivery address unlocked and clear to receive goods

Always ensure the proper access to the delivery location. You want to make sure the Granville professional removalist isn’t stuck outside when they could be unloading your things!

2.   Advise movers where to offload heavy furniture

To save you having to re-move heavy items, let our team know where to place the heavy stuff. That way, one move is all you need! Save your energy for some other tasks and leave the heavy lifting to us.

3.   Direct movers to place labelled boxes in the correct rooms

If your boxes are labelled correctly as per the step above, you can let the movers know which rooms the corresponding boxes should go in. This will save you time and energy later on by having all of the right boxes in the right spots.

Our Granville removal services client reviews

We’ve been helping people move around New South Wales and Australia for many years, and as a result, we’ve acquired many glowing reviews. Here are some of our favourites:

Ricky Bugeja
Ricky Bugeja
Highly recommend, they were right on time and very polite. We are very careful with our items and took care but we’re fast and energetic. We couldn’t be happier. Will definitely use again and recommend to all our friends.
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen
Don’t usually write reviews but had to give the boys a shoutout because they did such a great job! They were timely, professional, and everything was done perfectly - even though I moved into a place with stairs. The fact that they don’t charge an arm and a leg like every other removalist company in Sydney is even better. Would definitely recommend!
mark greenway
mark greenway
Bills removalists came and grabbed everything I needed to move no matter how heavy it was. They were very professional and friendly. They wrapped up any loose items for me and completed the job in a very timely matter. I would recommend bills removalists to anyone who is looking to move 🙂
deng jingqi
deng jingqi
Helpful people , and good price Thank you
Jacques Habis
Jacques Habis
Bill , you have done it again. Very happy with your guys Lee&Bruce are the best Top removalist and professional with no damaged Strongly recommend. I will use you again Cheers. Jack
Kousik Sankaran
Kousik Sankaran
Nimble at work and value for money.

Why choose BRS for your Granville home and office removals

The excellent service that we offer by default sets us apart from the competition. Bill Removalists have been helping those who are moving house for years, and we have the process down to a fine art.

Ensure a stress free experience during your move, enjoy peace of mind with our transit insurance, and save yourself the grunt work by handing the task over to us. Give us a call on 0425 351 578 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few more questions about your Granville local or interstate move? Our FAQ section can help:

1.     Are your Granville deliveries ever late?

While we do our best to ensure complete efficiency from our moving services, sometimes there are traffic conditions that are outside of our control. Rest assured, delays will be minor and we’ll do our best to stick to your schedule.

2.   Will I receive a call to advise on collection and delivery times?

Our team will keep you updated about the moving process every step of the way. A successful move requires good communication and we pride ourselves on our in-depth service standards (and our competitive price).

3.   Do I pay before or after the move?

We will require a deposit to confirm your booking, then full payment once you are happy with the results of your move (which you will be!). We always offer a great price, and you’ll be amazed by how affordable Granville removalists can be when you receive your free quote.

4.   Do you replace my furniture if damaged in transit?

As we have full insurance during transit, there are many situations where you will be compensated should an accident occur. We will detail the specifics of this with your quote but rest assured, accidents are rare when our experienced team is handling your move.

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