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We Offer Exceptional Moving and Storage Services in Sydney

Whether you are renovating, moving or decluttering, sometimes you just need a little extra space!

This is where Bill Removalists can help, thanks to one of the most reliable storage services in Sydney.

A move can be stressful, and knowing that you have access to a clean and secure storage facility provides peace of mind for the protection of your valuable belongings.

Benefits of our storage unit service

​​Bill Removalists provide several benefits for those who do not have enough room for all of their belongings.

If you need to downsize or just need a little extra space, we can offer the following:

1. Save time when moving/cleaning and enjoy the convenience

We will load all of your things into the storage unit on your behalf, saving you the time it would take to do it yourself. Skip the act of unpacking only to find you don’t have the space for everything by leaving your items in our storage units.

2. Store valuable items safely

For those who need to store valuable, fragile items, we can keep them safe from potential burglary, mould or mildew. We even offer business storage for online companies that need somewhere to house their inventory or supplies.

3. Save money

Our competitive rates will have you asking why you haven’t considered storage units before! We keep costs low, so you can free up room, protect your belongings and enjoy peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Storage Services in Sydney
Our storage facilities offer a storage solution you can trust. When it comes to quality storage, Sydney turns to Bill Removalists.

How our storage solutions work

Bill Removalists storage units offer a very simple process, and we will travel anywhere in Sydney to organise your storage solutions:

  1. You contact us with your requirements, and we run you through our wide variety of available storage unit options
  2. We schedule a pickup of your belongings with our team of professional removalists
  3. Your items a securely packed for transport to your new storage space
  4. Our team unpack and safely store your items
  5. You have access to your storage when needed to all of your belongings

Why Bill Removalist Sydney Storage is better than self-storage facilities

While managed and self-storage options are great options, there are some benefits to Bill Removalists managed storage unit options, including:

  • Safety and Quality Storage Conditions: With 24/7 CCTV monitoring and no public access in climate-controlled units, you’ll know your possessions are safe and protected.
  • Item Protection: In self-storage set-ups, the gathering of your belongings is up to you, inclusive of their transport. Our removalists can not only do the work for you but apply their professional training to ensure your item’s care.
  • Within Budget: You only pay for the space your things occupy and save many hours of your own time – and time is money after all! With self-storage, all of this is on you.

The downsides of self-storage facilities include:

  • Having to keep track of what you stored in your self-storage units – let our team easily retrieve individual items for you instead.
  • The protection of your items is on you; with Bill Removalists, we’ll use industrial-grade wrapping to protect your items.
  • Many hours will be spent wrapping your furniture and belongings. Our expert removalists can do this instead! We’ll have your furniture stored in no time.
  • Self-storage requires you to carry heavy boxes; let our trained team do it instead.
  • As opposed to having to pack, stack, and load your things and transport them safely yourself as you do with self-storage, let the pros do it for you.

So, when comparing self-storage solutions to non-self-storage, there are some clear benefits you can enjoy.

How secure is Bill Removalists Storage?

Unlike a self-storage facility where you are responsible for ensuring the condition of your goods, our experts handle the job for you. We prevent the general public from seeing our storage facilities and use keycard access for better safety and security.

Our storage facility ensures:

  • 24/7 monitoring using secure CCTV
  • Back-to-base alarm systems
  • Fire monitoring and control systems in all storage centres
  • Purpose-built structures
  • Climatised environments in each storage solution
  • Protection from pests and dust
  • No hidden fees to keep your belongings safe

From our conveniently located airtight containers that prevent dust and vermin to their construction of reinforced steel, our professional packers ensure your items have the highest levels of protection.

Storage Services Sydney
Ignore the hassle of self-storage and make use of our mobile storage or managed storage facilities. We offer a range of storage in Sydney that can help declutter your home!

What’s the price for storage solutions in Sydney?

Unlike some storage businesses in Sydney that pass overhead costs on to their customers via higher rates per metre, Bill Removalists cut down on cost with stackable containerised storage. We offer long term storage with no lock-in contracts to keep your personal belongings safe.

You never pay for empty space with our storage in Sydney, and we adjust your rates according to the amount you need to store. To get an exact price that suits your needs, get in contact with our friendly team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding moving and storage or want some extra tips, please check out the section below.

How much is per month storage in Sydney?

The cost of storage units in Sydney per month varies greatly depending on the amount you wish to store. At Bill Removalists, we only charge for the space you need to keep costs low and affordable. As a result, we are the storage Sydney turn to for secure storage solutions at great prices. Get in contact today to understand the costs relevant to your needs.

Will moving companies store your stuff?

At Bill Removalists Sydney, we ensure your belongings’ absolute safety and security at an affordable price as part of our removalist services. We lower the stress of your clean or move by providing confidence that your belongings can be taken to a secure spot.

Simply contact us to begin our easy process with our removalists picking up, packing and securely storing your items for as long as you need. We can even deliver them back to you when the time comes that you are ready.

​​Can you store seasonal items?

Yes, if you’re low on space, we can store the seasonal items that you only require access to once a year. For example, box your winter clothes in the summer or load us up with your Xmas decorations to save wardrobe space in the home.

How much does it cost to have your stuff moved?

Along with our storage units, we offer full removalist services to help make your move stress free. Simply request a no-obligation quote to see how affordable our removalist and storage unit services are! From storing your clothes to your furniture, we have a range of storage locations to suit your needs.

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